Toronto has officially approved the transport plan for Ford (PHOTO)

Торонто официально одобрил транспортный план Форда (ФОТО)

It seems that the controversial subway line Ontario Line, suggested by Doug Ford, officially approved, despite the controversies, concerns and debates.

Toronto mayor John Tory announced his support for a controversial plan Ontario Line just two weeks ago in exchange for the promise of the province to abandon its attempts to seize control of the metro.

And at today’s meeting of the city Council, the plan was officially approved.

At a press conference this morning, Mayor John Tory said that he expected that the majority of city Council members support the plan.

He said it is projected that the population of Toronto will grow by almost one million people over the next 20 years, and this means that the expansion of the transport system is essential.

“This agreement will allow us to continue transportation development in Toronto”.

The approved plan assumes that the province will provide Toronto amount of nearly $30 billion for the development of the transport system.

In addition, the city will reimburse the money that Toronto has already invested in the development of the Relief Line (Additional lines) and a subway extension to Scarborough, as well as the costs involved staff.

This means that the city budget will be more than $ 5 billion on repairs of the existing transmission system and the implementation of priority projects such as Eglinton East LRT and Waterfront Transit lines.

The adoption by the city Council of this decision also means that from the Relief Line officially abandoned, that is bad news for some residents of Toronto.

The residents of Leslieville district was initially against Ontario Line, as part of the line to ground and will pass through their area, which could mean that certain areas will have to transform, sometimes dramatically.

Residents stated unequivocally that they prefer Relief Line because it is completely underground, and has asked city hall to consider the same possibility in respect of the Ontario Line.

The Executive Committee supported the Tory plan for the development of the transport system at a meeting last week, where he also put forward the proposal that the wishes of the inhabitants of the area were taken into account, and developers have tried to revise the original idea in the planning process.

In addition to problems Leslieville, some also indicated that this transportation plan will delay the subway extension to Scarborough at least another three years in comparison with the original plan to extend it for one stop.

However, the deal is undoubtedly financially beneficial to Toronto, so it is not surprising that the vote was 22 to 3 today.