Toronto is getting richer, while the rest of Canada loses the money (PHOTO)

Торонто становится богаче, тогда как остальная Канада теряет в деньгах (ФОТО)

According to data released recently by research firm Environics, the net worth of the average canadian family in 2018 was approximately $678792.

Unfortunately, it is $7594 less than what was observed last year in connection with growth of debt, reducing pensions and “a sharp drop in liquid assets”.

However, for the Toronto residents who are tired to defend your city from the spiteful critics from other parts of Canada, there is good news.

According to WealthScapes 2019, the financial analysis database, conducted by Environics Analytics, the state of the average household in Toronto in fact, increased by 0.1% in the period December 2017 to December 2018.

The net worth of an average family in the GTA is currently about $977698.

Only one city other than Toronto, from the list of the 10 largest census Metropolitan areas of Canada: London – there was an increase in the size of the state over the period of time.

The rest saw a decline to 3.6%.

“Toronto remains the second city of Canada in the amount of net capital in the family,” the report says WealthScapes published on September 18.

“This growth was due to the level of savings is above average and growth is slightly higher than the average property in 2018, it said on. As in Vancouver, a significant portion of this capital are real estate related, but it is because of the high cost of real estate in Toronto these households are the second largest debt in Canada, again after Vancouver”.

That is, residents of Toronto, on the one hand, almost the richest from the point of view of pure capital, but almost the most burdened with credit…