Toronto is preparing for extremely cold weather conditions (PHOTOS)

Торонто готовится к чрезвычайно холодным погодным условиям (ФОТО)

Toronto will have another cold.

In the morning the temperature in Toronto was normal this time of year with a refreshing breeze and a high of 3 C, but in the evening the sky will tighten clouds and are amplified by the cold wind.

It is expected that on Friday night the temperature will fall to -12C.

A warning about a sudden decrease in temperature was published by the health inspector, as the forecast of the Ministry of environment and climate change canadian temperature drops to -15°C or lower, and with winds of up to -20 ° C or colder.

“Long exposure to the cold can be harmful to your health, – is spoken in the press release of the city administration, published on Friday morning. – Hypothermia occurs when body temperature falls below 35°C and can have serious consequences, including organ failure and death.”

“Also, when the skin long time exposed to the cold, risk of frostbite, which in severe cases can lead to amputation, when the cold affects the deeper tissues”.

Officials said that residents of Toronto should be more attentive to those who are most “at risk to suffer from a low temperature”.

“The greatest risk people who are homeless, working outdoors suffering from heart disease or respiratory diseases, elderly, infants and young children. People with heart problems may experience a worsening of their condition within a few days after the onset of cold weather”.

Everyone who sees that someone became ill due to weather conditions, please call 311 and 911 in an emergency.

Center heating offer in Metro Hall at 7 o’clock in the evening, when the city begins to act a warning about a sudden decrease in temperature, and remains open until noon on the day of expiry of the notice.

The city management said that the warning remains in effect until further notice.

Lowering the temperature, as expected, didn’t last long, and on Saturday the high will be -3 C, and on Sunday it rises to 1C.