Toronto may fall to 10 cm of snow on Monday (PHOTOS)

В Торонто может выпасть до 10 см снега в понедельник (ФОТО)

Residents experienced their first snow in Toronto, but as it turned out, the snowflakes that fell on Thursday was nothing compared to what awaits the city on Monday.

According to The Weather Network meteorologists are now tracking a cold front to the South of the US border, which can move to Toronto at the beginning of next week.

According to estimates, the southern part of Ontario and Quebec, including the greater Toronto area can fill up with snow.

And, unfortunately, the temperature will be lower than usual. According to the Hydrometeorological centre of Canada, the highs will remain slightly above freezing this weekend before you reach -1 C on Monday and Tuesday.

And Monday will not be the only snow day next week. Snowfall can be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

And I think it’s time to get some warm boots because, apparently, winter has come and will stay for a long time.