Toronto restaurants are forced to use a recyclable disposable tableware (PHOTOS)

Рестораны Торонто заставят использовать перерабатываемую одноразовую посуду (ФОТО)

Bar, cafes and restaurants around the world are starting to take steps towards waste reduction. And since the plastic waste is the number one enemy due to the fact that this ubiquitous and dangerous material is present everywhere: in lakes, oceans, air, food, drinking water, the noses of sea turtles.

As part of the attempt to cope with the amount of plastic pollution at the local level, councillors of Toronto gave the green light to study “the feasibility of implementing obligations for all restaurant establishments for the provision of recyclable utensils and other items for customers to reduce the use of disposable plastic in the restaurant business in Toronto”.

According to the Council of the city Canadians recycled less than 10% plastic.

In simple terms, a city in his study to start to find out how feasible it is to get all Toronto restaurants to use recyclable cups, plates, bottles, knives, spoons, forks, and how it will work for the customers.

The Federal government of Canada and promised to impose a total ban on the use of disposable plastic tableware by the beginning of 2021, however, many local networks have already taken on this responsibility and refused to disposable plastic early.

According to preliminary data, the introduction of a mandatory system for restaurants will take place approximately by the third quarter of 2020.