Toronto slang “type” is gaining popularity (PHOTO)

Торонтский сленг «типа» набирает популярность (ФОТО)

A Professor from Toronto, said that the increasing relevance of the city in pop culture partly responsible for the strengthening of the positions specific to the Toronto slang.

Derek Dennis, associate Professor of the University of Toronto MISSISSAUGA, studying the slang lexicon of Toronto in the last two years.

He is confident that the diverse ethnic composition of the city has made a contribution and partly led to the fact that Toronto has developed a unique, compared to other cities, slang.

Denis quoted as “ahlie” from Jamaican Creole, or “bucktee” from Somali, which is used as an insult.

He said that moments like the world-famous Drake and the victory of the Toronto raptors, helped popularize the slang of the city.

However, he also noted that links to specific to Toronto jargon have deeper roots and can be traced back to the late 90’s, early 2000’s when the Toronto rapper Kardinal Offishal presented “BaKardi Slang”, the song about the local slang.