Toronto will be one of 14 cities in the world, transformed to “planetary healthy diet” (PHOTO)

Торонто станет одним из 14 городов мира, перешедшим на “планетарную здоровую диету” (ФОТО)

Just a few weeks after thousands of Toronto residents participated in the global climate rally to demand action in response to the current climate crisis, Toronto joined 13 other cities worldwide, promising to change their consumption habits for the better.

Toronto mayor John Tory joined today by leaders of cities such as Tokyo, Los Angeles and London, by signing the Declaration of the C40 cities, which proposes to take a “healthy planetary diet” by reducing the two main culprits of climate change and loss of biodiversity: meat consumption and food waste.

The Declaration also aims to improve the health of citizens, offering more options based on the plants and making these options more affordable and sustainable.

All 14 participating cities, which by 2030 are planning to go on a “planetary healthy diet”, this is Barcelona, Copenhagen, Guadalajara, Lima, London, Los Angeles, Milan, Oslo, Paris, Manila, Seoul, Stockholm, Tokyo, Toronto.

Among the proposed measures – reduction of food waste by 50% in 2015 and the rejection of unsustainable, unhealthy diets by providing a more “balanced nutritional approach, reflecting the culture, geography and demography” by 2030.

This is just one of the initiatives adopted at the world summit of mayors C40, which runs today and Friday in Copenhagen.

C40 cites the fact that greenhouse gas emissions in the food sector is expected to increase by 38% by 2050 and that 75% of these emissions caused by the consumption of food from animal sources.

“The world is in climate crisis, due to which droughts, floods and desertification, decreasing our ability to feed everyone on the planet,” – said in a release.

Already a Paradise for those seeking a more sustainable and vegetable options, Toronto, it seems, was the perfect candidate for a progressive change of food.