Torrential rains, floods and tornadoes in the US hit a record storm Cristobal

Storm Cristobal made landfall on the Gulf coast, bringing strong winds and heavy rains, says AccuWeather. This storm promises to break two records — at the time of its appearance and trajectory across the USA.

Проливные дожди, наводнения и торнадо: на США обрушился рекордный шторм Кристобаль

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Towards evening on Sunday, June 7, cristóbal came ashore on the Gulf coast in the tropical storm that hit the coastline of Louisiana with sustained winds and gusts with a speed of 50 mph (80 km/h). The storm covered the South-East of Louisiana, but tropical storm conditions spread along the coastline of Mississippi and Alabama, and heavy rain took place in Panhandle, Florida.

Cristobal regained status as a tropical storm on Friday, June 5, when he started to move North after heavy rains in southern Mexico and Central America. The storm continued to gain strength, moving through the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico from Saturday to Sunday (6 and 7 June). The center of Cristobal was on the land between the mouth of the Mississippi river and Grand Isle, Louisiana, about 100 miles (160 km) South of New Orleans at 17:00 Pacific time on June 7.

Проливные дожди, наводнения и торнадо: на США обрушился рекордный шторм Кристобаль


Cristobal is the earliest tropical storm system was in the Atlantic basin. The national hurricane center will track the motion of the system, which promises to move much further across the entire continent and even outside of Wisconsin than any other ostromecska system since the mid-1800-ies.

The storm gradually lost its power over land, weakening to a tropical depression early Monday morning, June 8.

Despite the weakening, the risk of isolated tornadoes, flooding and local damaging winds will continue throughout the day in the lower Mississippi valley and Central Gulf coast.

Weekend in Florida, there were several tornado: at this time, the external elements of the storm began to impact the state. On Saturday, June 6, one tornado approached downtown Orlando.

Rough surf was observed long before cristóbal ashore. 5 June off the coast of Louisiana killed two brothers 8 and 10 years — they are washed away by a wave on the beach in Grand Isle and headed for the open sea, when Cristobal was already raging in the Gulf of Mexico.

Despite the fact that in connection with the movement Cristobal to deep problems at the shoreline will gradually decrease, at the beginning of this week heavy rains and gusty winds will continue to affect States from the Gulf coast and lower Mississippi valley.

Day 7 June, 100 employees at Silver Slipper casino in Hancock County, Mississippi, were evacuated as the flood literally locked them trapped in the building. Rescuers had to Wade through 1.5-meter of water to ensure the safety of people. The hotel saved the family staying on holiday.

According to 2 o’clock in the morning on June 8 interruptions in the supply of electricity has affected about 20,000 customers in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Проливные дожди, наводнения и торнадо: на США обрушился рекордный шторм Кристобаль


In advance of the storm, the Governor of Louisiana John Bel Edwards asked President Donald trump to declare a state of emergency on 5 June, ahead of the storm on land.

“We are confident that there will be widespread heavy rains and coastal flooding, said Edwards in a press release. — I expect that it will take emergency protective measures are evacuation and shelter in areas of high risk currently, due to the dangers associated with the pandemic COVID-19, the shelter should include congregazione place.”

“We do not expect that Cristobal will move as slowly as storm Barry with his 24 inches (60 cm) of rainfall, said Dan Kottlowski, chief expert, AccuWeather hurricane, bearing in mind the short-lived hurricane that struck the Gulf coast in July 2019 and caused widespread flooding.

Even at a more rapid pace cristóbal compared to Barry meteorologists warn that rainfall projected during a storm, can be enough to cause major flooding along and East of the storm’s path. Total rainfall of 6-12 inches (15-30 cm) was designed with AccuWeather, with an average of 16 inches (40 cm) over Southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi.

Floods can happen even where this year the conditions were quite dry. For example, in Mobile, Alabama, from January 1 to June 6, fell out of 21.50 inches (54.6 cm) of precipitation, or about 76% of normal. By the evening of June 7, the city has issued a warning about sudden flooding due to heavy rain in the area.

Winds will remain gusty as Cristobal moves northward in the lower valley of the Mississippi. Gusts will range between 30-50 miles (48-80 km/h) per hour with some gusts up to 60 mph (96 km/h) per hour.

Проливные дожди, наводнения и торнадо: на США обрушился рекордный шторм Кристобаль


Cristobal is expected to move into the Mississippi valley this week. The area of heavy rain with local flooding is likely as the storm moves North and becomes a tropical downpour.

The problems caused by the storm may continue even to the Upper Middle West — the rains with floods, severe thunderstorms and wind gusts as tropical storm in the continental.

Any flood can also affect the rice harvest in the Mississippi Delta. About 65% of the total rice harvest in the U.S. is grown in this region, with 40% of the crop in the United States is grown only in Arkansas.

In the next two or three days, the threat of flooding will become a serious problem. Monitoring and flood warnings reach a thousand miles from the Gulf coast to Wisconsin — at risk is more than 15 million people, writes CNN.

According to the National center for hurricanes, “possible flash floods, as well as new and renewed river floods, especially where there are more heavy rains over parts of the Gulf coast in the direction of the valley of the Mississippi river”.

Greatest threat for flash flooding will be over the next 24 hours (according to the morning of June 8) in the lower part of the valley of the Mississippi river and in the area stretching across the Ozark mountains in Arkansas and Missouri. According to the National center for hurricanes, in some of these areas may fall 10 inches (25 cm) of rain, and in some up to 15 inches (38 cm). In many cases, the rain bands generated by tropical systems will be installed in the same region, causing continuous hours of rain and life threatening flash floods.

“Inland flooding from hurricanes and tropical storms in the US have led to more deaths over the past 30 years in the United States than from any other threats. Although wind speed and storm surges are important, flash floods due to intense rains affecting more people and extend over a much larger area,” said CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller.

Проливные дожди, наводнения и торнадо: на США обрушился рекордный шторм Кристобаль


Cristobal will eventually lose its tropical characteristics over the next several days as it interacts with advancing cold front in the Upper Midwest. He still “remains formidable,” say the meteorologists.

Hurricane season just started June 1, and Atlantic has already established a new record. Cristobal became the third earliest tropical storm was. It was preceded by Arthur and Bertha, which formed before the official start of the season. And soon possible new threats. AccuWeather predicts busy tropical season in the Atlantic with 14 to 20 tropical storms, of which 7-11 could become hurricanes and 4 to 6 major hurricanes of category 3 or higher.


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