“Tortured with love”: the woman filed for divorce with a “very good husband”


«Замучил своей любовью»: женщина подала на развод со «слишком хорошим мужем»

In the United Arab Emirates, the woman filed for divorce due to the fact that her husband “loves her too much.” Writes about this “Tape.ru” with reference to the Khaleej Times.

It is reported that a woman sued in a Sharia court in the Emirate of Fujairah. She told the judge that he feels “smothered him with love.”

“He never yelled at me nor anything I do not deny”, — confessed the resident of UAE. According to her, the husband sometimes cooked for her and do chores in the house.

But most of all a woman annoyed that her husband never contradicted her year of marriage: “I need the disputes, even disputes, but not in comfortable life in obedience. I want at least once to argue, but it’s impossible with my romantic spouse. He always forgives me and showered with gifts”. She complained that her husband “made her life hell”.

The man was very upset by the decision of his wife. “I just want to be perfect and good husband, “said he said that once the wife rebuked him for his weight, and then he went on a diet, started to exercise and during exercise broke his leg.

Frustrated, the husband asked the judge to recommend his wife to withdraw the case. The court decided to postpone the trial to give spouses a chance to reconcile.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the reason for the divorce of Ukrainian singer serving in Russia Ani Lorak with her husband Murat Nalchajian, was the life of the spouses in different countries.

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