Tour of the red planet: enthusiasts have created a video tour of Mars in high quality

Enthusiasts made a video slide show with incredibly detailed images from the surface of the fourth planet from the Sun. This writes the League”.News”.

Экскурсия по красной планете: энтузиасты создали видеотур по Марсу в сверхвысоком качестве

Photo: Shutterstock

A group of videoentries ElderFox Documentaries, using the available photos of the red planet highest resolution, which for many years did the NASA Mars Rovers, I put them in 4K UHD movie. Video posted to their YouTube channel.

“Frequently asked question – why don’t we have live video from Mars? Because there’s nothing going on, it makes sense to do just a photo,” explained the authors of the movie.

They said that high-quality optics on the Mars Rover rests in the entry channel of communication with the Earth.

Still working on the Mars Curiosity Rover, for example, can send data only at speeds of 32KB/s is the speed of dial up the 90-ies of the last century. However, each day the Rovers for about eight minutes, can pour data through visible above the horizon automatic orbital station Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter at a speed of 2 MB/s. But even this channel is too narrow for UHD video.