Tourist helicopter disappeared in Hawaii on Board were children

Units of the U.S. coast guard conduct searches of a tourist helicopter did not return from a flight to Hawaii. On Board were 7 people, two of them children. About it writes The Washington Post.

Туристический вертолет исчез на Гавайях: на борту были дети

Photo: Depositphotos

The Agency has alerted the Coast guard after the helicopter did not return by 17:20 as it was on the schedule, from sightseeing on the coast Napali-Kauai, stated younger security officer Robert Cox.

Aircraft with one pilot and six passengers on Board — has an electronic locator, but it can’t detect any radar. The coast guard boat and helicopter were dispatched to search with the assistance of a helicopter squadron of the Navy of the United States.

“The weather conditions difficult,’ said Cox. The rain and clouds limit visibility to four miles (6.4 km). It is expected that on December 27 the weather to improve, it will rain and wind gusts that will only aggravate the search.”

Kauai, the island Northwest of Oahu, surrounded by high mountains and rugged cliffs that formed the background for the movie “Jurassic Park”, including waterfall Manawaiopuna in the first film, which has become a major tourist destination.

The turbulent environment is an issue if the search moves to the ground. The island is 80 percent desert, and most of the area is a Park or reserve, surrounded by cliffs, gorges and forests. There are a few internal roads. Waimea canyon, located in the reserve near the coast, so extensive that it is called the “Grand canyon of the Pacific”.

The legislators follow the tightening control over air tours in Hawaii after a series of deadly incidents. Three people died when a tour helicopter crashed on highway Oahu in April, and in June, crashed a commercial helicopter, killing 11 people.

In August, the house of representatives member ed Case, Democrat of Hawaii, introduced a bill that “would impose strict regulations on commercial tourism operations”, including helicopters. Among other things, the proposed bill Keyes would prohibit the pilots of the helicopters to act as tellers during the flight.

“These tragedies happened against a backdrop of rapid increase in the number of commercial flights of small planes and helicopters in all parts of Hawaii,” said Keyes.

But these tours are good for the economy, say the defenders. According to estimates Hawaiian helicopter Association, operators of air freight annually contribute to the economy of the state of almost $ 150 million. USA.

“Safe operation and rules to ensure the safety of operations, should take into account the geography, the weather, including cloud cover, special equipment and air traffic control,” said the Association in September.