'Toxic' masculinity

Toxic Masculinity


A goddamn good riddance. Hockey Canada had long been a hideout of power suckers and various honours. Plus, like too many sports federations or government-connected private organizations in Canadian sport, it was a breeding ground for discrimination and racism.

How many slimy frogs were there? he on the board of directors of Hockey Canada? And how many jumping frogs have worn Canada's red uniform in major international tournaments? 

Zero for the council and as little as possible for the teams.

Unavoidable housework

Then there would have been an atrocious crime and an unfortunate victim. Crime that we tried to hide.

Spread cleaning had become inevitable. 

But I feel uneasy when I hear Minister Pascale St-Onge constantly refer to to toxic masculinity in his interventions. 

It is repeated so often that the two terms seem intrinsically linked. I find it heavy and unfair for the majority of young hockey players who practice their passion sport while respecting their teammates, their opponents and the girls or young women around them. They are not criminals.

They have the right to be guys. They have the right to be relentless, courageous and combative. 

In fact, these are qualities found in women's teams. 

Better education

What I hope, and I agree with the Minister on this, is that new leaders will be able to promote better education. Better training for young hockey players. 

Let them remain young men. And that they know how to respect women and others and behave with dignity. 

It should be learned if it is taught well.