Toyota showed the drones for the Olympics in Tokyo

Toyota показала беспилотники для Олимпиады в Токио

They will run on the Olympic and Paralympic village.

Toyota will provide the organizers of the Olympic games in Tokyo 20 unmanned shuttles e-Palette in the special version of Tokyo 2020. They will run on looped route in the territory of the Olympic and Paralympic villages and to transport participants and staff.

Toyota says that during the construction of the Olympic Shuttle its engineers were in close contact with the athletes: in the design of the e-Palette takes into account their wishes, as well as territorial features of the field of operation. The goal is not just to deliver a group of athletes from one place to another, and turn the train into an emotional experience, worth telling your friends.

Thanks to athletes from the e-Palette appeared large doors and retractable ramp with electric drive, which will simplify the boarding Shuttle Paralympians. The UAV can simultaneously carry up to 20 passengers, including insuring the driver, or up to four athletes in wheelchairs, plus seven more people. The value of the wheelbase of the Shuttle — four thousand millimeters, total length — 5255 mm.

e-Palette is equipped with a software system, which is getting data from cameras, laser rangefinders and high-precision three-dimensional maps, building a route of the UAV and allows one to move in fully automatic mode. In the SAE grading, the Shuttle has a fourth level of autonomy, that is able to move without human intervention in the boundaries of a certain territory. Its maximum speed is 19 kilometers per hour, power reserve — 150 km.

e-Palette even knows how to “communicate” with pedestrians: its front and rear optics like the eyes for the lights when a drone misses someone or charging.

Toyota e-Palette showed in 2018 at CES. It’s essentially an unmanned platform service, which will become part of the mobile ecosystem consisting of software and hardware solutions for the business partners brand. Scalable the cart will allow you to choose three different lengths, as well as to establish a cargo or passenger pod.