Trafficker gets away with 18 months in prison

Trafficker gets away with 18 months incarceration


A trafficker whom police suspected of running a cocaine distribution ring linked to the Hells Angels got away with 18 months in prison.

The Looking relaxed and sending a kiss to the woman who accompanied him, Benoît Nantel-Gagnon did not seem to be bothered to go to detention on Wednesday, at the Montreal courthouse.

< p>The activities of Nantel-Gagnon, 38, were discovered on the sidelines of an investigation into a murder that occurred in July 2020, which brought to light drug trafficking cells in Montreal and Abitibi.

At the end of their investigation, the police had succeeded in getting their hands on the collar of Tommy Bradette, who was accused of the murder of Bardia Gorji, 38 years. He is the son of Gaétan Bradette, a former close friend of ex-warrior chief Maurice “ Mom ” Boucher, who is now deceased.

According to our information, he was notably to report to Benoit Nantel-Gagnon in relation to drug trafficking.

In the process, a group of individuals, including Nantel-Gagnon, were accused of being linked to the narcotics network. 

After a run and for a reason that was not explained to the court, the latter only pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to traffic in property obtained by crime, which earned him 18 months in prison.

Two co-defendants were not so lucky on Wednesday, however. Simon Saint-Germain-Montpetit and Kevin Crousset-Tremblay, aged 30 and 33, pleaded guilty to conspiracy, drug trafficking and possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking.

Kilos of coke

According to the summary of facts, Saint-Germain-Montpetit made at least five trips between Montreal and Abitibi in the spring of 2021, during which he discussed large amounts of money.

“  Accounting sheets seized […] indicate that he delivered 8.2 kg of cocaine for an amount of $494,680 “, indicates the summary of the facts.

During interception by the police in Mont-Laurier, the police found in his vehicle a kilo of white powder “bagged for resale and distribution”.

Crousset-Tremblay, who was carrying out also transporting narcotics, was arrested in a cottage, where the police found two kilos of cocaine, $111,760 in cash as well as eight cell phones.

The two co-defendants will receive their sentence next month.

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