Tragedy under the big top: the gymnast fell during a performance (video)

Трагедия под куполом цирка: гимнастка сорвалась во время представления (видео)

The circus is not only a favorite of many people, but also a dangerous game where gimmicks sometimes end up with injuries artists. So, on Sunday, November 24, during the presentation of the circus from St. Petersburg in the Russian city of Belgorod gymnast fell from the height and fell to cover the arena, performing a stunt without a net.

About it writes RIA Novosti.

The girl was effectively to end the trick, however, could not resist and fell to the ground.

“Everything was beautiful, then she did the splits: one foot in the loop, the other, and then a sharp fall. In my opinion, came off the cord or something like that, which is attached at the top. Then her scream and shouted the audience” — gives life to the words of the witness.

The girl took out the sheet of plywood. After she was hospitalized with a broken leg. On recovery it will take several months.

As previously reported “FACTS” in the Belarusian Gomel trapeze artist Yulia Titaeva from the Moscow troupe fell from a height during the execution of the act in the circus. 20-year-old acrobat fell past the safety net. The girl was performing a stunt in the “Ground flight” of the Moscow team Alisher Aliyev.

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