Training offered by Sophie Brochu: Hydro CEO's spouse benefits from sales

Training offered by Sophie Brochu: the spouse of the CEO of Hydro benefits of sales


A training course offered by Hydro-Québec CEO Sophie Brochu at L'Effet A generated sales of nearly $50,000 at her husband's firm, learned Le Journal.

Tuesday, Le Journal revealed that Hydro-Québec's number 1 volunteered training at L'Effet A to help women in business.

However, L'Effet A belongs to the private firm Médias O'Dandy, whose majority shareholder is Sophie Brochu's spouse, John Gallagher.

So it was his firm that was able to collect 48,650 $ by selling 70 training sessions at $695 each given by Sophie Brochu recently.

Code of Ethics

Even though the Hydro-Québec Code of Ethics stipulates that the officer “must not use the attributions inherent in his position to obtain, directly or indirectly, a benefit for his own advantage or that of a third party”, the state-owned company believes that everything was done in order.

“When she took up her post at Hydro-Québec, Sophie made sure that the Secretariat for Higher Employment was informed of the situation. . Sophie's link with Effect A, through her spouse, has been the subject of all the declarations of interest inherent in the position she occupies,” assured Philippe Archambault, Head, Media and Government Affairs, to Hydro-Quebec.

“In collaboration with the Chair of our Board of Directors, Sophie has put in place governance so that, in her role as CEO of Hydro-Québec, she does not make any decision or orientation likely to favor the A Effect. decisions for this file are taken by the President of the Board of Directors”, he added.

Asked whether the link between Ms. Brochu and her spouse's firm was considered before the training was validated, the Secretariat for Higher Employment did not respond to the Journal before publication.

Public notoriety

For her part, Isabelle Marquis, general manager of L'Effet A, argues that the links between Sophie Brochu and John Gallagher were notorious public.

“For me, it was a continuity. It was revealed and open. It is not hidden that Sophie and John are a couple. Everything was done according to the rules of the art”, underlined the woman at the head of the firm of about thirty employees.

But the experts consulted by Le Journal are more critical.

“If her spouse's firm was able to benefit directly or indirectly from this, it was Sophie Brochu's mistake”, says Robert Pouliot, teacher at ESG-UQAM .

“It might have taken an extra degree of caution,” concludes Ivan Tchotourian, law professor at Laval University and specialist in governance.

–  With the collaboration of Marie Christine Trottier