Tramway: failure of negotiations between lawyers and return to the request for a provisional injunction

Tramway: Failure of negotiations between lawyers and return at the request of ;provisional injunction


Stating that “the City of Quebec has no intention of stopping the tram work”, the anti-tramway group Quebec deserves better announced Wednesday the failure of negotiations started the day before with their counterparts in the Municipality. 

“The positions are irreconcilable”, summed up Donald Charette, spokesperson for the group which challenges the legality of the tramway megaproject. 

Following a first hearing organized Tuesday, the two parties were to discuss certain issues. According to Me Guy Bertrand, lawyer for the plaintiffs, his colleagues from the City were to provide him with a list of work related to the tram likely to be put on hold.  

However, this information has never been corroborated, because the Municipality systematically refuses to comment on the ongoing legal process.  

Return of the request for a provisional injunction 

A hearing before a judge of the Superior Court will still take place Friday morning as intended. During this appearance before the court, the plaintiffs' lawyers should finally plead for a request for a provisional injunction, confirmed Mr. Donald Charette. 

However, Me Bertrand strongly implied, on Tuesday, that the request for an interim injunction would be abandoned in favor of the request for an interlocutory injunction. 

“ We save judicial resources instead of pleading twice. We prefer to go to the interlocutory where we can dig deeper and have witnesses. The interlocutory gives a good overview of the case at the bottom, while the provisional, it is just in appearance ”, he explained at that time.