Translation software helps a Ukrainian refugee with her work

Translation software helps Ukrainian refugee with her work< /p> UPDATE DAY

A Ukrainian refugee who arrived in Quebec can finally reconnect with her job since she was hired in a Boucherville hair salon, even though she speaks neither English nor French.

Natalia has to manage with her phone and use translation software to communicate with clients and colleagues.

The lady fled her native country with her two children and her sister, where they are staying in Boucherville with a host family.

Natalia's 18-year-old son and husband remained in Ukraine to help with the war effort.

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Translation software helps Ukrainian refugee his work

Translation software helps refugee and ukraine ienne for her work

The owner of the “Coiffure coiffure”, which hires the refugee, welcomed her with open arms.

“ Natalia didn't want to leave her country to come and live in Boucherville and work in my salon. She must be here, because what is happening in her country is terrible. We are doing everything we can,” said Guy Leclair.

The man plans to hire a second Ukrainian refugee in the coming days.