Trapped in Wuhan, the student continues studying in Virginia thanks to technology

School Springfield (Virginia) at first glance is very ordinary lesson, but there is still something special. This tripod, attached to a tablet, on the screen where you can see the girl sitting at the Desk. Tablet turns to follow the movements of the teacher. This technology allows Christine Xiao, who is currently in China, in Wuhan, remotely join your classmates, reports “Voice of America”.

Застрявшая в Ухане школьница продолжает учебу в Вирджинии благодаря технологиям

Photo: screenshot of video “Voice of America”

The teacher refers to the tablet as if in its place was a living person. And Christine has the opportunity to participate in discussions and answer questions posed by the teacher.

Christine Xiao went to the new year holidays in Wuhan, to his family at this time, the city was closed for quarantine. Her plans to return for further studies at his school in Virginia was postponed indefinitely. So now she joins my class online, from nine o’clock until midnight local time.

“The incident in Wuhan put me in a difficult situation, I have another year before release, so I can’t skip school,” says Christine Xiao.

“Here and useful technology. Our school was looking for an opportunity to assist in the training of Christine while she’s in China. We have gathered a meeting and came up with a system that uses technology that allows students to join the class via the Internet” — said the head of the school district Sean Elgat.

Christine recently recorded a video message to your school with the request to send medical aid to Wuhan, and then classmates and school officials quickly, in just a week, raised $30 thousand

“I’m doing it from the heart, because I don’t know what they are, do not feel that fear. From what I see in China is very scary, people are not allowed to leave the house, this has never happened in America.” — said faith Kim, student of school of Virginia.

“Right now, the coronavirus is a problem of the whole world. Therefore, we must help as much as possible,” says Goundry Santos, student of the school of Virginia.

To send aid to China, the school cooperates with the international charity organization “Help the Hungarian Baptists.” Officials say that for ten days they will send in two hospital of Wuhan special respiratory mask and non-contact thermometers.

Students and their parents hope that this assistance will help to improve the situation of medical supplies in Wuhan.







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