Travel and sports records: famous people who changed life in old age

Magazine TJournal gathered the stories of people over the age of 70 who remain athletes, learn new skills or create families.

Путешествия и спортивные рекорды: известные люди, изменившие жизнь в пожилом возрасте

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According to the world health organization (who), the older is considered the age between 60 and 75 years old — between 75 and 90 and 90 years, a person is considered a survivor. Who predicts that by 2050 the proportion of the population in people over 60 years will increase worldwide and in many European countries will be about 30%.

In 2015 a team of scientists from USA, Israel and UK has presented a report where it was reported that humans age at different rates. Participants of the experiment were people at the age of 38 years, their biological age ranged between 28 and 61. Scientists believe that biological aging can be slowed down if live a healthy lifestyle and give up bad habits.

The physical ability in the elderly

94-year-old Zoya Marinich — do yoga and breathing exercises

Zoya Marinich was born in the city of Eisk, Krasnodar territory, and of her student years occurred in the war. She was in a partisan unit and were captured by the Germans during the execution of the task. After several days of interrogation they decided to shoot, but the girl was helped to escape Marie — her friend from a family of German immigrants, who during the war worked as a translator from a German officer.

After the war Marinich continued service in the intelligence and carried out political education in the fighter battalion of the NKVD. For 70 years the woman did not disclose details of completed jobs. By profession she is a teacher, 43 years of his life he worked as a school teacher of biology and geography.

In 2001, the 74-year-old Marinich was interested in yoga and breathing exercises to fight the allergic to ragweed, which had fought for many years. According to the woman, when she was working, the income allowed her at the time of flowering to go out of town. But after retirement money was not enough, so Marynich was engaged in respiratory gymnastics. The problem with allergies is gone.

More than 18 years a woman attends the “Academy of healthy life”. In addition to good health and physical shape, it makes the stretch, “birch”, stand on head and sits in the Lotus position. She was able to keep your teeth and good eyesight, and once a week she visits the pool.

94-year-old Johanna Kaas — current gymnast

Experience Marynich is far from unique. It coincided with Germany Johanna Kaas puts sports records at home. She grew up in a family of professional gymnasts, but from childhood the coaches called her unpromising in the gym. Instead, she was engaged in handball, he worked as a physical education teacher and trained as a coach, which went back to the gym.

In 1982, the 57-year-old Johanna resumed his athletic career and participated in sports competitions of the GDR gymnastics. She has performed and after the reunification of Germany in 1989, and 11 times won in the category for veterans of the sport. To 94 years Kaas — acting athlete.

In 2012, the woman made the Guinness book of records as the oldest gymnast in the world. And in 2016, 90-year-old Kaas jumped with a parachute after a jump the same age as Queen Elizabeth. According to Kaas, it is engaged in gymnastics, so as not to be susceptible to falls.

108-year-old Robert Marchand is a retired cyclist in 105 years

In 2012, the 101-year-old Frenchman Robert Marchand set the world record for age range 100-105 years old, take the bike for an hour almost 30 kilometers. “I’m not here to become a champion and to prove that at 105 years old the man can still ride a bike,” he said.

Medical research body has proved that the level of aerobic training Marchand is higher than the 50-year-old. With age his physical abilities increased. According to experts in the field of fitness Dr. Vonda Wright, the reason lies in increased VO2 max — the ability of the body’s use of oxygen. Usually with age, physical capabilities are reduced, but if an older athlete continues to exercise, the VO2 max increases.

Robert was never a professional athlete. He worked as a fireman in Paris, the war came to the front and took the Nazi prisoner, and after the war worked in Venezuela, plantations of cane and a lumberjack in Canada. He then returned to France and worked as a gardener. Only at the age of 67 years, Marchand began regularly Cycling.

The key physical shape Marchand believes the correct diet: lots of vegetables and fruit, little meat and almost no caffeine. Robert trains regularly, spends hours a day on the bike or stationary bike and doing stretching. Elderly athlete does not smoke, rarely allows himself a glass of wine and observes the mode: going to bed at 9 PM and rise at 6 am.

At the age of 106 years old rider completed a career, but he plans to continue to ride a bike for fun.

74-year-old Isaac Hayek — the current football goalkeeper

In April 2019 74-year-old football goalkeeper from Israel Isaac Chaika submitted to the Guinness Book of records as the oldest footballer in the world, who played an official match in professional clubs. He plays for “Ironi or Yehuda”, which plays in Liga bet is the fourth football division of Israel.

Isaac has no plans to retire from the sport as long as the physical ability and health allow him to play football. One of his sons, Moses, age 36. He admitted that during the game with my dad football fizzles out faster than an old man.

Traveling in the elderly

According to the National tourist Association and the travelling pensioners living in Denmark, Mexico, Switzerland, Panama, Norway, USA, Germany, Spain and France. The average size of pensions in these countries ranges from $ 1,000 (in France) to 2,800 dollars (in Denmark).

91-year-old traveler Helen Erchova

Elena Erkhova from Krasnoyarsk started to travel around the world in 83 years. On the trip, the woman did not take money from relatives, and saved with the retirement and part-time knitting and selling flowers. When I accumulated the required amount, she went to a travel Agency for a ticket.

Her veteran’s pension along with allowances for age was 24 – 25 thousand rubles, and living expenses were less than two thousand for utilities. Food woman, also a little spent, thereby saving a month on 10 thousand roubles.

In 2016, the traveler learned on the Internet. In Vietnam, met her compatriot Ekaterina dad’s and wrote about this post in Facebook. With its help, the elderly woman started accounts in social networks and started to get donuts from random people. She was invited on the television show, giving tickets to Italy and Thailand.

For almost 8 years of travel Erchova visited 21 countries. She visited the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Brazil, Vietnam, Dominican Republic and Thailand, and has traveled to many Russian cities. A woman riding on horseback through the Altai, participated in the rally across Germany, riding a motorcycle in Vietnam, celebrated its 90th anniversary in the Dominican Republic and bathed in the Jordan.

In December 2018, the woman had planned to visit Brazil, but not in time — in January, the 91-year-old Erchova died of cancer. The disease, she rarely complained, often repeating that trip to help her move on. In recent years, she only regretted not started travelling before.

72-year-old traveler, thrill-seeker, Jean-Jacques Savin

In 2018, a former French paratrooper, a Ranger and pilot, Jean-Jacques Savin decided to swim across the Atlantic ocean in a barrel, using only the power of ocean currents. To this end, he has designed self-sealed capsule for journeys with an area of 6 m2 and equipped it with beds, kitchen equipment and window.

For 122 days and nine hours Savin overcame 4500 miles on water. His 72nd birthday he celebrated during the journey, taking with him two bottles of wine and foie Gras. In April 2019, the man was safely moored to the goal. My inspiration he called French traveler Alain Bombing, which in 1952 without water and food crossed the Atlantic in 65 days.

Relationships and children in old age

According to the Institute of demography of the Higher school of Economics, the creation of families in old age — not a mass phenomenon. Most people in later ages to build relationships to avoid loneliness, to attention and care. The researchers point out that most elderly people to re-establish the family in the first decade after retirement, as age pensioners are more physically and socially active.

In 2010 in St. Petersburg to apply to the Registrar came 104-year-old man and his 74-year-old bride. In 2018 in Omsk the marriage took 35 men and 17 women over the age of 75 years. The oldest groom was 97 years old and the bride is 89.

106-year-old bride Waldemir Rodriguez de Oliveira

In 2017 she married 106-year-old Brazilian Waldemir Rodriguez de Oliveira, who became acquainted with her future husband in a nursing home. There was held a wedding ceremony. Fiance Aparecido Jacob the younger wife of 40 years, but admitted that he fell in love with the future wife at first sight. A woman’s first marriage.

Relatives of the bride are no longer alive, and the groom does not contact with the family, so a wedding celebration helped to organize the volunteers, the newlyweds prepared wedding suits and made to the bride makeup, and among the guests was attended by the employees of the nursing home.

64-year-old Galina Sobanina became a mom at age 60

In 2015, the Muscovite Galina Sobanina gave birth to a daughter Cleopatra. Dubeninki was a grown-up son, who died in the past, and her husband, a 27-year-old daughter. Unknown, was conceived naturally or through IVF. According to media reports, during pregnancy and childbirth at the age mum had no problems, my daughter was born healthy. Before getting pregnant, the woman passed the examination, her health was confirmed by the doctors.

“Of course, the case is unique, but I’ve delivered women and at age 45, and 50 years. Now this is not uncommon. However, the 60-year-old woman I see for the first time,” said gynecologist Nestor Meskhetians who took delivery. The family lives in a Studio apartment with a total income of 34 thousand rubles for three people. Sobanina already retired and her husband is a member of the research Institute receives 14 thousand rubles. Late elderly mother is planning to get a job.

Arramatta Mangamma became a mom at 74 years old

In 2019 a resident of India, Arramatta Mangamma got into the Guinness book of records as the oldest mother. Her husband of 80 years, and the couple lived together 57 years. The woman became pregnant through IVF and gave birth to the twins.

In the course of pregnancy for the woman’s condition was monitored by 10 doctors. After birth, Arramatta had no health problems, so she soon returned to active life.