Travel during the quarantine: 13 exciting virtual journeys on trains

The observation of clouds, birds and people passing outside your window, of course, fun entertainment, but after a month of quarantine the spectacle boring. Although you can virtually visit museums and even national parks from your sofa, nothing beats a quick trip by train through the Swiss countryside or a trip to the Arctic circle. This writes Travel and Leisure.

Путешествия во время карантина: 13 захватывающих виртуальных поездок на поездах

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Virtual train ride give viewers the opportunity to focus and quiet your mind, watching new landscapes, some of which many people have never seen in real life. In addition, you do not need to worry about the ticket and place on the train — just pour yourself a Cup of hot tea and “get on the train”.

  1. The flåm railway, Norway

This 12-mile (19.3 km) route is one of the most beautiful train rides in the world, leads you from the end of the Aurlandsfjord, a tributary of the Sognefjord, to the high mountains to Myrdal station. Along the way you will pass waterfalls, deep gorges, snow-capped mountains and mountain farms, watching the weather change from sun to rain.

  1. The road from Gabi to Fukue, Japan

You can get a taste of the Japanese countryside, travelling almost from Hiroshima station to Fuchu station on Geibi. The route passes through the mountainous terrain of the region Chugoku, so expect to see stunning bridges and long dark tunnels through the mountains.

  1. The Bernina railway from Switzerland to Italy

The trip starts in St. Moritz, Switzerland, in a perfectly Sunny day and ends in Tirano, Italy via the Alpine Bernina pass. Relax and watch as the train passes picturesque villages and rumbles beside dizzying cliffs and sparkling blue waters. Along the way, you will break several records: it is the highest railway crossing in Europe and the highest coupling railway on the continent. Not bad for a completely virtual experience.

  1. Railroad pikes Peak Cog, co, USA

If you ever wanted to get to the top of pikes Peak in Colorado, which is located at a height of 115 14 feet (4.3 km) above sea level, you have the chance. Hop on the fastest train and join a quick virtual tour. The trip starts at the station in Manitou Springs. The train speeds to the top for a few minutes, allowing the audience to sit back and enjoy the dizzying ride.

  1. Railway Belgrade – Bar, Montenegro

You will begin your journey in the city of Bar, near the Adriatic sea, and then pass through the longest tunnel (20 246 ft/6.1 km) and highest railway bridge in Europe. Passing through the impressive mountain region of the country, will complete a virtual trip to the city of Bijelo Polje — you will see 102 tunnel and 96 bridges.

  1. The North coast of Wales, England — Wales

Travel along the beautiful coast of Wales on Board the British Rail Class 175, type passenger diesel trains used in the UK. The virtual tour starts in the city of Chester, England, and across the border to Wales, passing through lush countryside.

  1. The Nordland Line, Norway

The adventure begins on the Fjord of Trondheim, and with every mile to the North it seems that it only gets snezhnie. In the end, before ending in the municipality of Fauske, you actually go beyond the Arctic circle. If cold and snow don’t seem attractive, you may view other trips to one of the three seasons.

  1. Ferrocarril Central-Andino, Peru

It is considered one of the most scenic Railways in the world, it links the Pacific port of Callao and the capital Lima with Huancayo and Cerro de Pasco. This is a virtual journey of the four parts begins and ends in Chosica near the railway station Galera in the Andes. In the first part you pass through a massive bridge, the Puente carrion; in the second part of rise from Matucana to San MATEO, one of the most picturesque parts of the road; the third part takes the traveller across the bridge Puente of Infernillo, which passes through a narrow canyon with high stone walls on both sides; and finally, the fourth part allows you to travel virtually through one of the world’s highest railway tunnels.

  1. 7 Express Line, new York, USA

If you miss the familiar sounds during the trip to work, this is a video about the new York subway will dispel boredom. 7 Express Line goes from Queens to Manhattan, providing on the way external and underground form.

  1. Railway Sarajevo-Ploce, Bosnia and Herzegovina

You can explore the Balkan country Bosnia and Herzegovina by train, thanks to this virtual tour. Since Caplines, you quickly plunge into Croatia, then cross the border back into Bosnia and Herzegovina and end your trip in the capital, Sarajevo. A significant part of the way on the Neretva river and passes through mountainous terrain and over the pass Bradina.

  1. South-Western railway, England

You will begin your virtual tour of London underground at London Waterloo station and then go West, then go down to the South, in the direction of Southampton. Along the way you will see a panoramic view of London, before heading to vibrant, green countryside.

  1. Narrow gauge railroad Durango and Silverton, Colorado, USA

This historic road takes the traveller from one mountain town to another at mountain pass. This tour is in three parts offers a virtual trip by narrow-gauge railway, extending more than 45 miles (72 km) between Durango and Silverton. During the first part you will enjoy a breathtaking journey along the narrow ledge, cut into the sheer cliff above the Animas river; in the second part of the train goes into the Colorado mountains; and in the third part he goes down the mountain pass to the town of Silverton in the Wild West.

  1. Railroad Wengernalp, Switzerland

Enjoy perfect views of the stunning route from Lauterbrunnen to Kleine Scheidegg. When you climb the mountains, almost cut through the beautiful Swiss villages and trees covered the slopes. In the end, will be able to admire the snow-capped mountains and deep valleys.




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