Travesty diva Monroe charged life motivation

Ukrainian transvestite diva Monroe recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of creative activity, after which pleased the fans striking archival photos, and also told what are the main conclusions she had done for so many years on stage. And in his new publication, the flamboyant artist has charged fans life motivation and said, where do we get support to those who do not understand and do not appreciate family members or friends.

Травести-дива Монро зарядила жизненной мотивацией

On his page in Instagram Monroe shared a spectacular shot, which she sealed with signature blonde curls and beautiful makeup. A highlight of the image are massive jewelry and bright pink lipstick.

The charismatic artist is advised to look for like-minded people in the field that you are interested — it did so at the time, and she.

“Yesterday I asked a simple question: if there is no life support, where to get it? Bye! Where where? Their audience of like-minded, I answered based on my experience. I do not believe in my relatives! And friends, like lip your Hobbies, but neither the participation nor the kind words. It is felt, when the man**R what you share. It is especially annoying when, in response to your personal history, your friend hangs the phone monotonously nodding in response. B-Annoying!

So look for like-minded people in a network, at forums, in focus groups, create your own community blog of interest where I will kiss the very people who share your interests! Answered and moved on to the next question… And this morning I caught Myself thinking that maybe he meant real support from real people?! Not Virt. When surrounded by no one believes only criticizes, puts the moral pressure or, even worse, demanded!” — shared his thoughts celebrity.

She also added that support can be found in himself, and from toxic communication it is better to get rid of.

“Well, you see, in a post-Soviet families ( my was the same) communication was based solely on criticism, nagging and “You must!”. And any form of self-expression, freedom, and individuality intersect in the rough and categorical terms. And I Want it from family to hear “You’re done!”, “I’m proud of you!” And all you dream, well, when you se**tsya to the phone and for the New year. So: if you feel that support can be expected from, well, it so happened that the entourage against and ask for support yourself!!! Until you realize that the most important friend (and enemy, by the way) in your life is yourself, you will seek support in someone else! Check for yourself. But from toxic, poisonous or most companies run separate yourself! Easy to say — hard to do? Fig. Again, check for yourself” — inspiring Monroe.

Members thanked the artist for his wise and inspiring words, and left rave reviews about the picture.

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