Travesty diva Monroe in an extravagant way, graced the cover of the famous gloss

Ukrainian transvestite diva Monroe constantly impresses his fans with a bright and stylish images as well as spectacular make-up. Bright appearance and charisma Monroe assessed and abroad — she graced the cover of British beauty-gloss Beauty LYUN.

Травести-дива Монро в экстравагантном образе украсила обложку известного глянца

Pictures from the photo shoot, the celebrity has shared on his page in Instagram. Note that Monroe posed for photographer Vadim Acunu in a very extravagant manner — silicone pad on the head that creates the illusion of a complete absence of hair, and bright makeup with emphasis on the eyebrows and lips.

Complements a bold, black bow body art a La blouse with open neckline in the form of flames. In addition, the hand model is also fully painted in black, and the nails — bright-red manicure.

A few photos, including the cover of the publication, also published on the page of photographer.

“Three hours of amazing make — up artist- makeup artist @alla_yakymova details render each stroke, the hair on the eyebrows, tinted skin, carefully glued the silicone pad on the head and tried to bring the image to the state when the photographer will only have a little bit to smooth out the tone and to emphasize figure! And the photographer, no less stunning @vadim_yatsun put the finished model in a frame of said pose. In the end, everyone was waiting for two! the year that photo appeared on the cover and pages of the English beauty magazine and saw the world our creativity! I don’T like to wait, But in the case of creativity there is no clear limits, boundaries and time. Wait,” commented diva Monroe.

In the comments netizens expressed their delight in this way, some even compared the actress with an alien.

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