Travesty diva Monroe talked about their wigs and their prices

Travesty diva Monroe constantly impresses his fans with a bright and stylish images as well as spectacular make-up. A special flair to your bow it adds with the help of a wig, which the artist is a collection. Most often she comes out with blonde curls, but sometimes also as a brunette or a redhead. On his page on Instagram is a star that boasted an impressive stretch in Portugal, showed their “wealth”.

Травести-дива Монро рассказала о своих париках и ценах на них

In the photo there are a few “blanks” since they’re wearing wigs, and the rest piled in front of them. The very same Monroe posing from behind, with her signature blonde hair.

“The theme of the WIGS is disclosed. And this is only the beginning! In the first video, accessible language tell and show you what kinds of wigs there are, what they look like on the outside and the inside! As well as the voices of the price. In the info box under the video useful links. First view them and then ask questions. Remind you, are the second and third videos, which will show you how to take care of, to pack, and what to look for when buying! Use on health,” shared the actress.

She really posted a detailed and very informative videos on his Youtube channel.

Followers transvestite diva thank her for the useful information and candor. Some even came as a surprise that the beautiful blonde curls — not my hair artist.

  • I have always admired Your honesty and openness, Monroe….Bravo!
  • Was waiting for a video on the wigs, thanks for the topic
  • Well you pretty in any)
  • Very professional approach, everything on the shelves
  • A very interesting topic . Thank you. True , when I want change, but don’t expect to get a haircut and painted
  • Class!) finally the long awaited video!) And a special thank you for the links
  • I thought 3 years that you have your hair
  • Hurray!!! Useful topic
  • Very cool!
  • That wig, light blonde, shoulder-length (natural, no bangs) that you kept in the hands of — “Slavic” — I like most!