Travesty diva Monroe told her to get used to the image of the legendary film star

Transvestite actress Monroe, who became famous thanks to the exceptionally precise to fit the image of the famous Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe, celebrates this year 20th anniversary of his creative activity.

Травести-дива Монро рассказала, каково ей было вживаться в образ легендарной кинодивы

In their blog, Instagram and YouTube last publication, the actress has dedicated this event. But Monroe decided not just to reminisce and show retro frames the beginning of a career, and to make the issue the most useful and honest — diva decided to declassify the legendary technique of applying makeup, which she has turned into the darling of the audience — Merlin.

“When happy with the result and happy to share with the universe. Though perhaps the universe doesn’t care. Your (now would be a loud expression) is a creative way I started this story, too, You’ve heard a hundred times, with musical parodies, the most famous actress Marilyn Monroe” — so the beginning of the transvestite diva her story about the beginning.

“Among the squirrels, it seemed to me that I vaguely resemble her, but the audience thought otherwise, and Marilyn ordered more often than any other image. At some point I realized that the way I consume and destroy, and we slowly began to say goodbye” — confessed the actress.

In the video on the YouTube channel, which are published regularly under the rubric of “Chatty makeup”, Monroe tried to recreate the perfect, canonical makeup a La Marilyn, a technique which she has honed to perfection over decades on the stage.

“You will not only appliances, cosmetics, and dozens of archival photos and memories from the trunk aunties Monroe” — promised celebrity fans.

Of course, subscribers are unable to appreciate such valuable information from pet and admitted that after such a transformation even believe in reincarnation.

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