Travis Scott first spoke about the breakup with Kylie Jenner

August 2 it became known that Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Travis Scott decided to take a break in the relationship. At that moment this news has acquired a lot of speculation, the most common of which is about the numerous infidelities of the rapper.

Трэвис Скотт впервые высказался о расставании с Кайли Дженнер

According to insiders, Kylie Jenner — she is very family. She likes to create home coziness, spending time with friends, and babysit a little Stormy and nieces.

“Kylie is young but she really want a normal family life. She grew up among the sisters, saw their happiness in marriage, therefore, craves the same. Most of all she loved to be home with Travis and their daughter Stormy,” shared an insider.

Despite a desperate desire to twist a cozy nest, Kylie easily let go of the beloved and, according to rumors, she insisted on a break in the relationship. Many suspected that the deal is fishy: it is likely that the rapper cheated on Jenner with other girls. Especially vigilant netizens have even disclosed the name of my diva which Travis allegedly came together before meeting with Kylie. She was young Roan CT.

The girl denied any sexual relationship with the rapper. “Please, stop spreading false information and Express his, her, and me alone, because this affects real life”, — wrote in his Instagram Rogan.

Not remained aloof and Travis. “Hurts when I see lies written about you. A false story about how I lied and cheated on Kylie, just not true. Now I’m focused on life, music and family — that’s the truth,” said the rapper.

Kylie Jenner shares the position of ex-boyfriend and trying not to add fuel to the fire. “Travis and I in a good relationship, and now our main priority is Stormy. Our friendship and daughter is important,” — said the billionaire tweeted.