Trial: a violent video released to raise awareness among women

Trial: violent video released to raise awareness among women


WARNING: The images above are extremely violent. We distribute them because it is the victim himself who asked the court that they be made public, with the aim of prevention. After the end of this extract, the accused will continue to attack his victim on the ground, giving him about fifteen other kicks.

THE TOQUE | After two and a half days of debate, a judge admitted into evidence on Wednesday the extremely violent video showing an enraged snowmobiler beating a hotelier in Haute-Mauricie.  

“The victim has no memory of the events. What could be better than video evidence, a reliable and independent witness, not intoxicated, to describe what happened at the Central bar on the night of January 2 to 3, 2020”, ruled judge Simon Ricard, at the court of Justice of La Tuque.

The magistrate referred to the images of a surveillance camera showing the attempted murder that would have been perpetrated against Sylvie Lachapelle.

The co-owner of Parent's Central Hotel received 21 punches, knees and kicks to the face in three minutes.

The 56-year-old lady remained motionless on the ground for nearly eight minutes, while the enraged snowmobiler reportedly fled the scene.

According to the Crown, the aggressor is Patrice St-Amand, 44 years old.

Since the start of his trial on Monday, the one who is defending himself has objected to the video of violence be introduced into evidence.

Be careful, ladies

Note that St-Amand does not did not deny that he was the one in the images and the victim identified him without hesitation.

Sylvie Lachapelle has no memory of the events, but wanted the video to be broadcast in order to urge women to be careful. 

“If one day this individual is released, even if he is rehabilitated, people will be able to know who they are dealing with, “illustrated Me Éric Thériault, of the Crown, to summarize the victim's remarks. 

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Other assault

Patrice St-Amand was recently convicted of another violent crime. During a drunken evening at the Festival western de Saint-Tite in the fall of 2019, he punched an assistant nurse who was trying to examine him. 

The medical professional suffered a broken nose “from forehead to teeth” and significant head trauma. 

The accused will return to court next month.

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