Trial for murders: foray into the heart of a clan war

Murder Trial: A Journey into the Heart of a Clan War


The trial of the alleged ex-right-hand man of a mafia clan leader will plunge the jurors into an internal war within Italian organized crime, announced the Crown by recounting the contribution of a killer to pledges became informer to elucidate four murders.

“The accused Jonathan Massari had the ambition to become the right-hand man of a Mafia boss. And to demonstrate his loyalty, some people had to be killed,” explained Me Karine Cordeau of the prosecution, Tuesday, at the Gouin judicial center in Montreal.

Sitting in the dock behind a large bay window, Massari, 41, remained unmoved as the prosecutor recounted the circumstances of the four murders and three murder plots for which he is accused.

At the time of his assassination, Lorenzo Giordano was sitting in his car at Carrefour Multisports in Laval on March 1, 2016. The shooter shattered the window.

Killed by bullets

The first event occurred on March 1, 2016, when Lorenzo Giordano was murdered leaving the gym in Laval. Sitting in his car next to his wife, Giordano was shot five times.

Then, nearly three months later, it was Rocco Sollecito's turn to be shot of a shooter, as he was leaving his residence, in Laval, aboard his BMW.

“In a carefully choreographed series of events, as the victim made a mandatory stop near a bus stop, the shooter was there waiting for him,” said the prosecutor, explaining that Sollecito was hit by several projectiles.

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The other two murders for which Massari is accused occurred on June 30, 2016, when the brothers Vincenzo and Giuseppe Falduto were killed in the garage of a residence in Saint-Jude, near Saint-Hyacinthe.

“The bodies were never found”, said the attorney for jurors.


According to the theory of the Crown, the victims had been placed on a list drawn up among others by Salvatore Scoppa, the leader of the Calabrian clan who has since died. Massari, eager to be in Scoppa's good graces, would then have participated in the murders.

And to carry out some of the assassinations, he would have received the help of a hitman.

“He had been hired by the mafia, assured the Crown. He was the shooter [in three murders], while Jonathan Massari was at the scene. of Quebec by becoming a civilian undercover agent. 

Equipped with a hidden recording system, he would have returned to see his alleged accomplices, obtaining from them incriminating statements which will be presented during the trial. .

“It is thanks to his cooperation that these four murders were solved, said the Crown. [The recordings] are crucial, they are our most powerful evidence. ”

The trial, before a jury, is presided over by Judge Michel Pennou. Massari is represented by Me Philippe Larochelle.

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