Tried to go to sleep, and the neighbors were noisy: the Spirit Airlines plane made an emergency landing because of a fight on Board

According to reports, the airline Spirit Airlines from Los Angeles (CA) Detroit (mi) was forced to make an emergency landing in des Moines (Iowa) after passengers were beaten up when he complained that his neighbors make too much noise, and he tries to sleep. This writes the New York Post.

Пытался уснуть, а соседи шумели: самолет Spirit Airlines совершил вынужденную посадку из-за драки на борту

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Flight 709 made an unplanned landing in Iowa because of a fight on Board, resulting in one passenger, was severely beaten.

“We were in shock, really. We couldn’t believe that this is happening, — said the passenger of the plane. — It was really scary. With me were my children, and everybody said, “Oh, my God!”

The woman said that the passengers caused the flight attendants so they intervened and stopped the fight.

“Everybody said, “Why don’t you do?” They said, “We are not prepared to cope with this”, — says the woman.

After the plane landed in des Moines involved in the fight have changed.

Before the arrival of the marshals in the bathroom they washed away the blood on the clothes, to avoid being recognized.

Passengers were shocked that the people involved in the scandals, was allowed to Board a flight after a two-hour delay.

COP the sex of Parizek said one passenger was accompanied during the flight.

“We had not arrested anybody. Quite a unique situation. It was established that the incident occurred in Nebraska, so the police of our state has no jurisdiction in this case. At the request of the crew we were accompanied by one passenger during the flight to Detroit”, he said.

“It seems that he was the victim of the attack, but began to dispute it. It started because he wanted to sleep, and protested the loud conversations of other people, including flight attendants,” added Parizek.

One of the passengers was amazed that the plane was crowded, though the airline claimed that the distance of coronavirus between the passenger will be observed.

The airline stated that it did not allow any physical fights on Board and grateful to the law enforcement officials in des Moines for help.

The airline representative Eric Hofmeyer said that flight attendants tried to “fix” the situation before it became too dangerous for them.

He also said that the team used on-Board kits to clean the plane after the fight.

Hofmeier added that the plane was not full and the middle seat was left empty to promote social distancing. The airline also requires passengers to wear protective masks.



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