Tried to take a picture up close in Yellowstone Park bison attacked a 72-year-old woman

72-year-old woman several times attacked by a bison in Yellowstone national Park after she get closer, to take a photo of the animal close up. This writes ABC News.

Пыталась сфотографировать вблизи: в Йеллоустонском парке бизон напал на 72-летнюю женщину

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The incident occurred the evening of 25 June at the campsite at Bridge Bay in Yellowstone national Park when a woman from California, who cannot be named, repeatedly approached within 10 ft (3 m) to the Buffalo, trying to photograph it.

“The attack resulted in a number of events in which the Buffalo was seen as a threat, said in its statement, the senior biologist at the Yellowstone Chris Jeremiah. — Bison are wild animals that react to threats, demonstrating aggressive behavior, such as the breakthrough on the ground, a grunt, the inclination of the head, roaring and raising the tail. If that does not resolve the threat (in this case it was a man), a charging bison can attack. To be safe from Buffalo, stay at least 25 yards (23 m) leave, if they get close, and run away or find shelter if they attack”.

The Park Rangers were called to the scene and immediately rendered first aid to the injured.

Then 72-year-old woman was taken by helicopter to regional medical center Eastern Idaho, where she received additional treatment. Its current status is not disclosed, and the incident is currently under investigation.

“Nature in Yellowstone national Park wild, said the authorities of the Yellowstone. — When the animal is near the camp trail, the waterfront or the Park, leave him, do not approach. Maintain a distance of more than 25 yards (23 m) from all large animals — bison, elk, bighorn sheep, deer, elk and coyotes and at least 100 yards (91 m) from bears and wolves. If necessary, turn and go another way to avoid contact with wild animals in the vicinity.

According to the National Park Yellowstone, just last week a 37-year-old woman from Columbia (Missouri), got a slight injury from a grizzly bear during a hike along the Fairy falls, then she faced the two grizzly bears at very close range.

It is reported that the female bear knocked woman down and scratched the victim on the thigh and face. The woman fell to the ground before she could use bear spray to repel the attack of the animal.