Tropical storm Isaiah brought US in a powerful tornado, which hit 70-year record

The national weather service reports that tornado that came onto land in Delaware during the storm Isaiah Tuesday, August 4, was a record, says 6abc.

Тропический шторм Исайя принес в США мощный торнадо, побивший 70-летний рекорд

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Tropical storm Isaiah formed a tornado of EF-1 with wind speeds of 105 mph (170 km/h). Officials say that the tornado made landfall in the vicinity of apartment homes, Eagle meadows to Sorghum mill road in the district of Kent and stayed on the ground of 29.2 miles (47 km). It is the longest path of any tornado in history was in the region of Philadelphia since 1950-ies.

Тропический шторм Исайя принес в США мощный торнадо, побивший 70-летний рекорд


Tornado in Delaware also were tracked over Dover, where he was severely damaged trees, and was later damaged a house in middletown, County of new castle.

“Tornado possibly began to dissipate between mount pleasant and Glasgow in the County of new castle, but it is possible that the trail of the tornado extends up to Cecil County, Maryland”, – said the NWS.

The service reports that the tornado that caused serious damage in Marmor, state of new Jersey, began as a waterspout and reached the shore near state Park, Corson inlet. This tornado was EF-1 with maximum wind speed of 100 miles per hour.

Tornado EF-0 also landed in the town of Worcester, Pennsylvania, with a maximum wind speed of 80 miles per hour (161 km/h).

“Brief tornado formed near the intersection of Brindle Court and township Line road in Worcester township, where several small trees had been felled in a small residential area. From here, the tornado continued to move in a North-westerly direction through the village, knocking trees along Photshop road,” said officials.

Reports of injuries in connection with hurricane Isaiah in the tristate area (CT, NY, NJ) were reported.



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