Tropical storm Isaiah was on the East coast: at least 6 dead

At least six people died in tornadoes that formed as a result of tropical storm Isaiah. The storm passed on the East coast caused heavy rains and knocking trees. This writes Fox News.

Тропический шторм Исайя прошел по восточному побережью: по меньшей мере 6 погибших

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According to local newspaper the Morning Call, a woman from Pennsylvania died when he tried to get out of the car during a flood, it washed into the Creek.

As of 20:00, August 4, the national hurricane center of the United States (NHC), reported a maximum wind strength of 50 mph (80.4 km / h), although by day 4 of August they reached 65 mph (104 km / h). It was moving North-East across Vermont at a speed of 40 mph (64 km / h).

“Strong and damaging winds will continue to spread North through new York, including Eastern long island and southern New England, which can damage trees and power lines,” said the hurricane center.

After more than 12 hours after landfall in North Carolina, the storm caused destruction hundreds of miles to the North in the new York area.

Two people were killed and about 20 injured after tornadoes caused by the storm, “completely destroyed” several houses in Windsor (NC), according to Juan Vaughan, the head of Bertie County.

According to authorities, three people were missing.

“We are still conducting active searches, said Vaughan. We really want everyone to be safe as soon as possible”.

The national weather service confirmed a tornado in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and new Jersey. Another possible tornado was registered in the Philadelphia area, where the injured Park hospital Doylestown. Near the wind gusts tore a large piece of the roof of the kindergarten. Reportedly, the building was evacuated and no one was hurt.

According to the website tracking blackouts, more than 2.2 million electricity customers remained without electricity on the East coast, including 1.3 million in new Jersey.

Rescue crews will resume work as soon as held the worst weather conditions.

The Governor of new Jersey Phil Murphy imposed a state of emergency and ordered motorists to stay off the roads except in cases of extreme necessity.

Tropical storm winds extend to a distance of 140 miles from the center of the storm, with gusts up to 72 mph (115, 8 km per hour) near new York. At the airport of a name of John Kennedy in new York was recorded gust of wind with a speed of 70 miles per hour (112 mph) and the local commuter trains was suspended because of the storm.

The fire Department of new York confirmed that one person was killed in Queens after Isaiah struck the town. The man, whose identity is not yet installed, was killed when a tree fell on a car near the so Briarwood, Queens.

As soon as on Tuesday, the rain intensified and became more sustainable in the Philadelphia area, lifeguards rescued several people trapped in cars when the road suddenly stabilise and became impassable.

County Sheriff St. Mary’s Tim Cameron said that the roads of the region “rapidly deteriorating conditions”.

In some parts of southern Maryland and the East coast the storm caused severe damage. Forecasters warned of “life-threatening” flooding in the Baltimore area and Washington.

Authorities reported that one person was killed when a tree fell on a car near Mechanicsville (MD) during a storm.

Also, while in the Caribbean Isaiah killed two people and destroyed the Bahamas.


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