Truckers are protesting near the White house: trump said it was a ‘sign of love’

Truckers have a week of protest near the White house, they even interrupted a briefing by the President of the United States Donald trump on Friday, may 15, although the President said it was “ringing of support, not protest.” About it writes USA Today.

Дальнобойщики протестуют возле Белого дома: Трамп сказал, что это 'знак любви'

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“Truck drivers who are always with us, — said trump. — They are protesting in favor of President trump, not against.”

The ringing didn’t stop, when trump held a media briefing to announce the beginning of operation “Incredible speed” — an attempt to enter into manufacture and distribute the vaccine COVID-19 by the end of 2020. The President himself drew attention to the protesters.

“It’s a sign of love, not a sign of a typical protest — said trump. — So I want to thank our great truckers, they like me, and I love them”.

But truck drivers in a few weeks appeared in the center of Washington (D.C.) to protest against the low cost of transportation, which, according to them, threaten to put them out of business in the context of the ongoing economic downturn.

“Services provided by drivers of trucks, currently in high demand, but at the same time, many small trucking companies are far from convinced that will survive the current economic downturn. Since rates have reached historic lows, small businesses, truckers have difficulties,” — said the President of the Association of independent truckers, Todd Spencer in a letter to members of Congress.

After the boom of demand for delivery of goods at the beginning of the quarantine truck drivers now face a lack of work or offers of payment they think is too low.

Truck drivers also called for greater price transparency between brokers and motor carriers, urging brokers to disclose how much the Council paid them and how much they then paid carriers. Organization representing the brokers, said that the rates are constantly changing and are associated with the current state of the market.

Trump has agreed with the truck drivers, saying that they were “deceived”.

“All they want is justice,’ said trump. And we will treat them fairly. We will take care of them.”

According to the press Secretary of the White house Alyssa Farah, the White house chief of staff mark meadows called for the demonstration.

“@RealDonaldTrump and the American people support the American truckers” tweeted Farah.

One of the protesters wrote a blog about what to achieve and why the truckers took to the campaign. His story is posted edition Bazar.

“We have gathered here not in order to demand exorbitant prices for nothing, just for the sake of transparency, which in turn should minimise the injustices of the brokers to truckdrivers. All information on the cargo, including financial, must be available to the interested party before a contract for the same goods will be signed. I also want to take away from brokers the ability to bypass state regulation 49 CFR 371.3 — the author writes. — In simple words, the broker must not conceal how much he earned. In our contract there must be two lines: how much did you pay Schipper and how much of it we paid the broker.”

The trucker noted that there are already first successes.

“We already have the first successes. President trump wrote about us on his Twitter, with the us leading the negotiations the administration of the President. We are moving in the right direction,” the author writes.