Trudeau has introduced a new Cabinet, ready to advance priorities and to reduce tension (PHOTO)

Трюдо представил новый кабинет, готовый продвигать приоритеты и снижать напряженность   (ФОТО)

On Wednesday, Justin Trudeau submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers, whose tasks include the promotion of the liberal election promises on combating climate change, promoting the prosperity of the middle class, attempts to remove regional tensions, aggravated by the election results last month.

In the elections last month, according to the Prime Minister, Canadians voted to “unite the country to focus on issues of economic growth for the middle class, to fight climate change and to ensure the safety of Canadians and their cities.”

“These are our priorities, and here the team who will implement them,” said Trudeau, surrounded by his 36 Ministers near Rideau Hall, after a relatively modest ceremony to get sworn in.

In the second period of their stay in power the liberals expect a rather harsh reality: a minority of seats in the House of Commons, the dependence on opposition support for the survival of the government and the lack of representation of Alberta or Saskatchewan.

A key role in his new Cabinet went to Christ Freeland, which changed the prestigious portfolio of the Minister of foreign Affairs Deputy Prime Minister and Minister responsible for intergovernmental issues.

Freeland, which Trudeau was sent to negotiate with the President of the United States Donald trump during the busy revision of the North American free trade agreement, will now be responsible for the relationship of the Federal government with a not too friendly conservative Ministers.

Member of Parliament Toronto, which has roots in Alberta, it has been praised as tough, cunning diplomat during trade negotiations. These skills will be another test of strength while chatting with Jason Kenny from Alberta, Scott MoE Saskatchewan and Doug Ford from Ontario.

Trudeau noted that he was “very, very closely and with great success worked” with Freeland at NAFTA and what he called the “difficulties of communicating with the American administration.”

“We know that as we tackle such pressing national issues as energy and environmental protection and other important issues, we have actively and positively interact with various government agencies across the country, and I hope that Christ in me will help,” he said.

Freeland, who managed to organize a successful work team Canada in the NAFTA talks, stated that it will continue to monitor the procedure until the new trade Pact will not be ratified in Canada and the USA, and will oversee relations between Canada and the U.S. in addition to his new responsibilities.

She said the biggest lesson she learned from the NAFTA talks, is that “you have to solve a big problem, we come together as a country and we need to act when it comes to solving global problems of our time.”

Another example of what Trudeau is trying to cover the Western province, it can be considered an appeal to the member of the Parliament of British Columbia Jonathan Wilkinson, the former Minister of fisheries, asking them to take responsibility for the environmental portfolio.

Although Wilkinson is British Columbia, he was born and raised in Saskatchewan and worked in the former Novo-Democratic provincial government.

Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Jim Carr, one of the most reliable Ministers Trudeau, who on the day after the elections was diagnosed with cancer, no longer able to work in the Cabinet. But Trudeau appointed him as his “special representative from the Prairies… to ensure that the residents of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba had a strong voice in Ottawa”.

Another of his most trusted Ministers, who are also struggling with cancer, member of the Parliament of new Brunswick’s Dominic LeBlanc, remains in the Cabinet to the less onerous role of President of the Privy Council of the Queen. Recently have undergone transplantation of stem cells and multiple sessions of chemo, bald LeBlanc appeared at the ceremony of swearing in on Wednesday with a mask on his face, which he briefly took off, taking the oath of office.

Seamus O’regan was transferred from the post of Minister for the provision of services to indigenous peoples to lead the Ministry of natural resources, a very important Department, as the government tries to solve the problem of climate change, while continuing to pull the thread of TRANS-Mountain oil pipeline (Trans Mountain pipeline) to deliver crude from Alberta to ports in British Columbia for export.

He is originally from Newfoundland and Labrador, the second oil producing province of Canada.

Trudeau acknowledged the under-representation of Western provinces in the Cabinet, but said he will play those cards, which on October 21 was handed to him by the Canadians.

The new government also includes representatives of Quebec in response to the revival in the election of the separatist Quebec bloc .

The Montreal MP Pablo Rodriguez, former Minister of heritage, will take on a decisive role of the party leader in the House of Commons.

Rodríguez was also appointed Minister of Quebec – position, the introduction of which Trudeau is still postponed.

In addition to Carr, Trudeau brought out of the Cabinet two people: former Minister of health Ginette Petipa Taylor, who will perform the duties of Deputy whip and former Minister of science Kirsty Duncan, who is Deputy leader of the party in the House of Commons.

Eight Ministers retained their previous portfolios: the most important of them can be considered the Minister of Finance bill Morneau. But now he will help the Deputy of Parliament of Ottawa, Mona Fortier, which will take the newly created post of Minister of prosperity of the middle class and the assistant to the Minister of Finance.

Your posts have kept the Minister of defence harjit Sajjan, the Minister of justice David Lametti, the Minister of national revenue Diana Labutele, agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibo, Minister of relations of the crown and indigenous peoples Carolyn Bennett, Minister of innovation Navdeep Baines and transport Minister Marc Garneau.

Among the newcomers can be called an old friend Trudeau, member of Parliament of Montreal, Mark Miller, who became Minister for the provision of services to indigenous peoples, member of Parliament Aquilla Anita Anand, who will be responsible for public services and procurement, and representatives from Montreal’s Stephen Guilbaud, a well-known ecologist, who will lead the Ministry of heritage.

Trudeau initiated a number of new posts, including one, apparently, is an attempt to redress the damage done during the campaign when surfaced pictures of Trudeau with a black face.

He was appointed Deputy Ontario Bardiche of Jagger, who previously headed the party in the House of Commons, Minister for ethnic and cultural diversity, inclusion and youth Affairs.

The leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer criticized the new composition of the Cabinet Trudeau, accusing the Prime Minister in the appointment of “the same persons and committing the same mistakes”

“The Cabinet of Ministers, which he presented today is larger and more bloated version of the same that led to the solvency crisis of canadian families, caused damage to our energy sector and deprived thousands of Canadians work and set the stage for a crisis of national unity,” said shear in a statement.

Trudeau may have wanted to avoid exacerbating tensions with the Western provinces, putting Guilbaud, a well-known activist in the fight against pipelines, for the post, not directly related to environmental issues. But the Shire argued that the appointment Guilbaud even the Minister of heritage will only “further inflame differences,” the cause of which he, naturally, says Trudeau.

The new leader of Democrats Jagmeet Singh said he was more concerned about what the Cabinet Ministers rather than who they are.

“What this government needs more than new Ministers, is a new commitment, working with us, take care of the citizens of Canada,” said Singh in a statement.

“When they are ready to work to protect and create jobs, make life more affordable, to Fund the services necessary to people and provide real steps to combat climate crisis, the new Democrats will work with the Prime Minister and his new Cabinet”.