Trudeau has promised to plant 2 billion trees across Canada, but people don’t believe him (PHOTO)

Трюдо пообещал посадить 2 миллиарда деревьев по всей Канаде, но люди ему не верят (ФОТО)

In that time, hundreds of thousands of people marched in rallies across the country against climate change, the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has made a statement saying that his liberal government over the next 10 years will plant 2 billion trees.

The Prime Minister wrote in his Twitter. Many felt at the time that he chose such a statement, great as it is combined with the global fight against climate change.

“Finally something that can help our planet,” wrote one user of the social network in the comments.

But while some admired Trudeau’s decision, many felt such a move is fake and showy, but others are skeptical of such promises.

Many people just started joking in the comments on Trudeau and his statement using his tweet against him, pointing to other promises, which the Prime Minister never fulfilled.

Many users also recalled and approving them for the construction of the Trans Mountain oil pipeline, despite protests.

“The trees do not hide the pipeline”, – wrote to him in response, the leader of the Party new Democrats Jagmeet Singh.

This statement, and also followed after Trudeau was found with the famous Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg, which has become a symbol of eco-activism around the world. A girl after meeting Prime Minister said that the leader of Canada is not doing enough to combat climate change.