Trudeau is attacking the conservatives in the battle for Ontario (PHOTO)

Трюдо атакует консерваторов в битве за Онтарио  (ФОТО)

On Monday, liberal leader Justin Trudeau fired the first shot in the battle for rich votes on, asking voters not to “repeat bet” on a conservative government, bearing in mind the Premiership, Doug Ford.

Trudeau used the promise of a new national program on drug provision to portray conservative leader Andrew Shire as a faithful follower of Ford, which will not protect their interests in the struggle for improved health services.

And he branded it as an attempt to return the country to the era of the former conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, making fun of its economy “trickling down of wealth,” which, in his words, “failed” Canadians.

Trudeau used the three conservative scared as a maneuver, distracting public attention from last week burst of scandal, because of which his image and his chances of re-election suffered in connection with the appearance in the media its photos and videos in black or brown make-up costume events before he came into politics.

These materials violated the campaign, having offended many potential supporters and causing them to doubt their judgment on the liberal leader.

Trudeau has repeatedly apologized, acknowledging that his dressing up was wearing racist, but asked Canadians to judge him on his deeds as Prime Minister.

On Monday, he positioned himself as a defender of public health, who will speak out against conservative policy to reduce costs.

“Before Canadians raises the question: who do you want to negotiate when it comes to your health?” said Trudeau in Hamilton.

Trudeau repeated the phrase, using it as a mantra, offering himself as the main defender of the sacred system of health Canada, regardless of his past behavior.

“That is a choice that is offered to the population: do we move forward or we go back to the era of Harper, again relying on the conservatives, who are committed to the strategy of reduced funding,” said Trudeau.

Shire and Trudeau hope to gather a bountiful harvest of votes in his support, and continued on Monday its campaign in the densely populated suburbs North of Toronto and the rest of the agglomeration of the Golden Horseshoe (the Golden Horseshoe).

The leader of the NDP Jagmeet Singh and the leader of the Green Elizabeth are your fighting lower class in Atlantic Canada. In Bathurst (Bathurst) Singh presented Daniel Theriault (Daniel Theriault) as a “star candidate” of the party in the district of Acadie-Bathurst, who is a former NDP MP Yvon Godin (Godin Yvon) was about 18 years old, while liberals beat him in elections in 2015. Mei plans to make an announcement in Fredericton.

On Monday, Trudeau was the second day in a row going around the suburb with his family values; Sunday he spent in Brampton, promising a crowd of supporters, white picket fences near the house a significant reduction in taxes on billions of dollars and a 25 percent reduction in their bills for the mobile communication.

Shire, meanwhile, arrived in Vaughan (Vaughan) after a visit to Prince Edward Island where he took upon himself the obligation of another kind: the promise to veterans to personally oversee efforts to restore (mutually beneficial) relationship of the Conservative party with former soldiers of Canada.

Shire not only promised to fix a number of reasons why veterans in Canada mad at liberals and conservatives to solve the problem of arrears of benefits, to revise the hated pension plan to improve the financial support in the adaptation period, but he also promised himself to oversee the effort and to consolidate the respect for veterans at the legislative level.

“As Prime Minister, I am personally interested in making the commitment that we took today were done,” said Shire.

On Sunday, Singh promised to make a priority of public concern about climate change and natural disasters.

During a stop in Gatineau Singh has promised to replenish the Federal Fund of struggle against consequences of natural disasters at $ 2.5 billion. The idea, he said, is to help the population, such as residents of Western Quebec who recently suffered severe flooding, avoid natural disasters and be able to save their homes.

As he said, “we can’t just turn a blind eye” to the prospect of increasing the number of natural disasters.