Trudeau made a “thanksgiving morning” in his district in Montreal (PHOTOS)

Трюдо устроил «утро благодарения» в своем округе в Монреале (ФОТО)

This morning the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared at the metro station in his Montreal Papineau County (accent on last syllable) to thank their voters due to the fact that last night the liberals were able to garner the necessary votes to form a minority government.

Trudeau stood on the upper landing of escalator, exchanging handshakes with passengers, thanks to those who congratulated him on his victory and posed for pictures if requested.

Trudeau did the same thing the morning after the election in 2015, when the liberals won, causing the surprise of passers-by who didn’t expect to see the Prime Minister on the way to school or work.

In this election the liberals have been able to provide only a minority government, with the resurgent Quebecois, the bloc has increased the number of representatives in the province three times, and Alberta and Saskatchewan liberals is refused.

Trudeau spent Monday in Montreal, where he brought his wife, Sophie grégoire Trudeau, and three children, to vote in his district of Papineau, which he represents since 2008.

In contrast to conservative leader Andrew Shire and the leader of the NDP Jagmeet Singh, Trudeau has no plans today to hold a press conference.