Trudeau met with the famous Swedish activist Greta Thunberg (PHOTO)

Трюдо встретился со знаменитой шведской активисткой Гретой Тунберг  (ФОТО)

The liberal leader Justin Trudeau met with 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, who became famous after his recent speech at the UN General Assembly meeting, in which she called the world’s politicians traitors. After that the girl became a world symbol of the struggle against climate change. Interestingly, to give a speech, she 14 days sailing to new York on the boat, so as not to create a “carbon footprint” of the aircraft.

Trudeau said that he agrees with the position of Greta and hopes that it will inspire others. He also said that to combat climate change that his party and the conservatives are best. Trudeau met with Thunberg directly before the global marches against climate change in Canada.

Trudeau and green party leader Elizabeth may both took part in today’s canadian marches. Many members of the liberal party also joined the marches across the country.

She Greta Thunberg commented on the meeting with Trudeau, noting that he tries not to focus on particular people:

“It is, of course, obviously not doing enough… and it’s such a big problem, that the system is wrong. So my message to politicians is the same: just listen to science and act science.”

Other party leaders believe that Trudeau cannot be trusted in his climate promises.