Trudeau responds to Legault and the provinces on health transfers

Trudeau responds to Legault and provinces on health transfers


OTTAWA | Justin Trudeau denies ignoring the demands of Quebec and the Canadian provinces, which demand a substantial increase in health transfers of $28 billion annually.  

“I don't think there's a Prime Minister in history who has sat down with Prime Ministers to talk about health care as much as I have in the last 2 years,” said the Prime Minister at a press briefing in Kingston, Ontario.

The federal government and the provinces are waging a war of numbers and words over the money that Ottawa transfers each year to fund health care. 

François Legault said he was insulted when he left the Council of the Federation earlier this week that Prime Minister Trudeau had delegated ministers to meet his demands. 

Mr. Trudeau argued that the federal government had offered “$72 billion” in one-time aid during the pandemic to help the provinces fund health care. 

However, in his opinion, money is not the only solution to the problems affecting health care. 

Mr. Trudeau wants the “invested dollars to show results” to reduce waiting lists, improve access to family doctors and mental health services. 

Provinces, however, reject the idea that Ottawa impose its funding conditions. 

Their wish is to see the federal government increase health transfers by $28 billion on a recurring basis and without conditions. 

Everything indicates that Ottawa is determined to have a say in the organization of healthcare priorities within the provinces. 

Justin Trudeau had promised to open the door to the discussion on transfers healthy once the pandemic has passed. 

So far, the provinces remain on their toes. 

“We will continue to work together, because there are real pressures on health care systems,” he offered.