Trudeau violated the law on conflict of interests in SNC-Lavalin (PHOTO)


Трюдо преступил закон о конфликте интересов в деле SNC-Lavalin (ФОТО)

On Wednesday, the Commissioner of Canada on ethics stated that the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau broke the law on conflict of interest, improperly putting pressure on the former Minister of justice Jody Wilson-Reybold with the purpose to stop the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin. His sensational report will be a significant obstacle to the liberal government on the path to re-election.

Mario Dion (Dion Mario) made the conclusion that Trudeau attempts to influence Wilson-Rabid on this issue are contrary to article 9 of this law, according to which civil servants are prohibited to use their position to try to influence the decision that it would be wrong to promote the private interests of a third party.

He said that there is no doubt that the financial interests of SNC-Lavalin would receive support if Trudeau failed to convince Wilson, Reybold to cancel the decision of the attorney General, who refused to give the Montreal engineering giant the possibility of a settlement agreement to avoid prosecution on fraud charges related to contracts in Libya.

“The Prime Minister, directly and through their principal officers, have used different means to influence Ms. Wilson Reybold”, – stated in the report of Dion.

“Official position of the Prime Minister and his office were used to circumvent, impair, and ultimately to try to discredit the Prosecutor’s decision, as well as the credibility of Ms. Wilson-Reybold as the main legal entity of the Crown.”

Dion said that Trudeau was also made to Wilson Reybold to take into account the political interests of the party, making a decision on this issue, contrary to the constitutional principles of the independence of prosecutors and the rule of law.

In connection with the scandal in this case in February, Wilson Reybold left the room Trudeau; her friend and ally in the Cabinet Jane Philpott also soon resigned.

Trudeau subsequently contributed to the exclusion of both politicians from the liberal party; now they are running for re-election as independent candidates. Both said Wednesday that they are familiar with the report and would not comment until you learn it completely.

Now, when prior to the election campaign only a few weeks, political opponents, Trudeau, each eager to get ahead, immediately jumped at this opportunity.

“Justin Trudeau said he will be responsible and ethical. Instead, he used the power of his position to benefit his supporters and punish its critics,” wrote the leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer tweeted less than an hour after the publication of the report.

“Now he is the only Prime Minister in history who was convicted of violating Federal ethics act not once, but twice.”

The NDP critic on ethics issues, Charlie Angus called the report a “political bomb.”

“The main task of the Prime Minister in front of the Canadians to assure them that the rule of law will be respected,’ said Angus. – I can’t remember the precedent that this has happened before. The Prime Minister was found guilty in a very, very serious interference in the judicial processes of Canada.”

Dion also noted that because of requirements of confidentiality that apply to the documents and discussions of the Cabinet of Ministers, he could not obtain access to all necessary materials, although partially, these requirements were removed by the office of the Prime Minister in the midst of a scandal when it was necessary for Wilson Reybold gave evidence.

“The decision of the Privy Council to refuse our service to access to the full range of confidential data of the study meant that the nine witnesses were restricted in providing our service to the full scope of evidence potentially relevant to the examination,” he wrote.

“I believe that decisions regarding my access to such information, need to be transparent and democratic to be accepted by Parliament, not by the same officials who are subject to my inspection.”

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