Trudeau was dressed in a bullet-proof vest at a rally in MISSISSAUGA (PHOTO)

Трюдо облачился в бронежилет на митинге в Миссиссаге (ФОТО)

On Saturday in connection with the threats in his address, the liberal leader Justin Trudeau has taken extraordinary precautions at major campaign rally in West Toronto, wearing a flak jacket and appeared accompanied by enhanced Taskforce protection.

The party representatives did not disclose the content of the threat, which led to the 90-minute delay before the acting Prime Minister appeared in front of about 2,000 supporters of the party who gathered near the Pearson airport at the time when the election campaign is entering its final stage.

The vest was not too noticeable when Trudeau made his 25-minute speech in which the liberal leader, denounced the conservatives for his pledge to reduce government spending, and then called on those who choose progress, to refrain from voting for the NDP.

But sources later confirmed to reporters that Trudeau, who this time put on his jacket, and was not, as he usually likes, in a shirt with rolled up sleeves and loosened tie, was dressed in a vest that was noticeable on the photos taken during the event.

Additional security Trudeau was obvious, because through the noisy crowd, the liberal leader was accompanied by a large number of employees mounted police in plain clothes and others in combat gear green.

Police were on the scene, watching the crowd when Trudeau gave his speech and remained with him after that, until the liberal leader exchanged handshakes with the audience, heading to the door of the hall.

It was planned that the present liberal leader was Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau. But she had not appeared or appeared on stage during the rally.

The Peel region police said that the case is in the jurisdiction of the RCMP.

“For security reasons, we cannot comment on the reasons for security measures in respect of the Prime Minister were strengthened,” – said the press Secretary RCMP Stephanie dumolin email.

The leader of the NDP Jagmeet Singh spoke out on Twitter in connection with these events.

“Threats against Justin Trudeau or any other leader disturb all of us, – he wrote. – No matter for whom you vote and what you believe, no one should face threats of violence. Police officers who protect all of us, thank you.”

Liberals were hoping that Saturday’s rally will be good for Trudeau in this active area of Toronto where the party needs to work out as much as possible, to have any hope for re-formation of the government.

Before the advent of Trudeau addressed the Minister of foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland and the Minister of economic development, Navdeep Baines, and the audience have begun to Express impatience about the inexplicable delay of the appearance of the liberal leader in front of a microphone.

And although the audience warmly received the speech Trudeau, the delay and the news about the security threat cast a shadow on the event and distracting attention away from the warnings of the liberal leader about the potential threat of the coming to power of conservatives led by Andrew Shear.

Liberals hope for a less dramatic continuation of the campaign Trudeau in Toronto, because the Federal election campaign enters its final week, and the liberals and the conservatives are neck and neck, and the new Democrats from Quebec unit do not give to relax.