Trump administration has tightened rules for issuing work permits for immigrants

19 Aug trump administration has issued new guidance that would tighten the rules for issuing discretionary work permits to immigrants who are temporarily admitted to the United States for “urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public interest” in accordance with the immigration Act and nationality.

Администрация Трампа ужесточила правила выдачи разрешений на работу для иммигрантов

The head of the USCIS Ken Cucinelli. Photo: scenes video Fox News

This move was made a week later after the White house issued a long-awaited rule that allows Federal officials to refuse to issue green cards to immigrants that are likely to rely on social assistance from the state, says Fox News.

Section 212 (d) (5) (A) of the immigration and nationality provide the Department of homeland security the right to decide when to allow entry to foreigners with “extraordinary” circumstances, such as visiting a dying relative or receive medical treatment required to save life. One-time entry is a privilege, not a right, and the administration has made it clear that officials fear abuse.

“The immediate elimination of loopholes that contribute to the operation of our immigration system, is the only way forward, — said the acting Director of the office of citizenship and immigration USA USCIS Ken Cucinelli. Responsible leadership enhances our ability to provide assistance to those who are entitled to it. USCIS is taking action in the framework of its powers, providing the permit after consideration of all factors in each case. This decision is a response to a state of emergency on the southern border and accepted on the basis of the judicial practice of the USCIS over the past few years.”

Service citizenship and immigration said the United States, the new guide emphasizes “the use of discretion in determining whether to issue work permits to foreign nationals coming to the United States in accordance with existing policy”.

The Bulletin also “provides a list of positive and negative factors that the employee can take into account when comparing the circumstances and determine whether the applicant deserves a favorable decision,” according to USCIS.

The white house argues that strict immigration policies have caused reductions in the number of detainees at the border immigrants. According to the government, published earlier this month, for the first time in five months the number of migrants who encountered U.S. authorities on the border with Mexico, was less than 100,000 people in the background of the expansion of cooperation between Mexico and Guatemala to reduce this flow.

Администрация Трампа ужесточила правила выдачи разрешений на работу для иммигрантов

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In July, customs and border protection, the U.S. detained 82 049 people, which is 21% less than in June and 43% lower than the may statistics. The number of families and minors crossing the border has also decreased. Although a seasonal decline is common, U.S. officials said that the drop was much more than last year over the same period.

In June, Mexico agreed to dramatically expand its efforts to enforce the borders after trump threatened to increase tariffs. The country used a variety of tools, including National guard troops to detain hundreds of migrants.

The US also stepped up its internal strength and capabilities. The operation carried out by Immigration and customs service earlier this month led to the arrest of 680 illegal immigrants at a plant in Mississippi.

Presidential candidate in 2020 Senator Kamala Harris called the move part of a “campaign of terror”.

The acting head of the Department of homeland security Kevin Macalino last week stressed that despite achievements, the situation remains urgent.

“The situation is improving on all available indicators, but we remain at crisis level and beyond,” said Macalino.