Trump administration lifted restrictions for foreign students because of online learning

The administration of U.S. President Donald trump abolished the rule that forbade foreign students to stay in the USA if they study online. This writes CNN.

Администрация Трампа отменила ограничения для иностранных студентов из-за онлайн-обучения

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The decision was made a week after Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) announced that students taking only online courses at pandemic COVID-19, will have to leave the U.S. or to transfer to universities with full-time training.

An unnamed source told CNN that the White house has admitted that the ban is poorly thought out and executed.

According to another source, the White house is now focused on ensuring that the rule applied only to new students, not students who are already in the United States.

According to district judge United States Allison burrows, the administration will return to a policy in effect in March, which provided greater flexibility for students who are enrolled in universities that have switched to online learning because of the pandemic.

The abandonment of the policy of deportation is deferred for more than 1 million foreign students in the United States. Last week, students expressed frustration and concern about their future because universities and colleges announced the decision to conduct all courses online.

Among these universities were the Harvard, who filed the lawsuit on cancellation terms, together with the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT).

President of MIT Rafael Reif pleased by this decision of the government.

“This case has made clear that these issues are at stake real life, he said. We need to approach the development of rules, especially now, with more humility, more honesty”.

Several other colleges and States have filed a similar lawsuit.

President rice University David Leebron said he was “delighted” the government’s decision to change the rule.

“We thought the original rules were cruel and misleading and not helping our universities, our students and, frankly, not helping our country,” said LeBron.

Students are already preparing for the possibility of a sudden to leave the U.S. or transfer to another University which offers a combination of online and classroom courses.

Shriya Tussu, which studies molecular biology, said that the sudden change in policy led her life into disarray in an already stressful time; this summer she worked on applying to medical school.

Tussu, a student of senior courses at the University of California at Berkeley and President of the International Association of students called the government’s decision “a relief”.

Thussu said that I didn’t believe my eyes when I saw the news. Immediately she began to correspond with friends, trying to figure out what happened.

“I was just hoping that it’s real, she said. — The last couple of days have been very intense. The University sent out emails but did not give any information, and it sounded really horrible, and it seemed we were advised to sign up for personal classes if possible. Many of us are very worried”.

Visa requirements for students has always been strict, and the arrival in the United States for the completion of online courses was banned. ICE has kept the ban in his leadership of 6 July, at the same time providing some flexibility for hybrid models of learning — combination of online and individual lessons.

The Agency offered to students currently enrolled in universities in the United States, considered other options for training or transfer to a University with a personal training.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • On 7 July, ICE announced that foreign students will be required to leave the United States if the fall of this year, their classes will be held online, or need to move to another University with full-time training.
  • Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of technology July 8 filed a lawsuit against the administration trump.