Trump and Erdogan agreed on the Kurds without their knowledge and participation

Трамп и Эрдоган договорились по курдам без их ведома и участия

Thursday, October 17, in Ankara held talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip of Edohana with Vice-President Mike Pence. The meeting was also attended by US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and foreign Minister of Turkey Cavusoglu Melvut. The negotiations lasted for at least four hours.

Pens and Pompeo arrived in Ankara with one purpose — to convince Erdogan to halt the military operation “peace” in Syria. All the Western media and politicians were convinced that this mission is doomed to failure. The Turkish President was determined to continue the offensive in Northern Syria to oust from the border areas of paramilitary self-defense units of the Kurds. Erdogan wants to create along the Turkish-Syrian border security zone to a depth of 32 kilometers. According to him, the goal will be achieved, if in this area there will be no Kurd.

The operation began on 9 October. The President of the United States Donald trumpas it turned out now, on the eve of sent Erdogan a letter, the text of which does not correspond to diplomatic canons. On the eve of the visit, Pence and Pompeo to Ankara American media published this message:

“Dear Mr. President,

Let us discuss a good deal! You don’t want to be accused of massacre and murder of thousands of people, and I don’t want to be responsible for the destruction of the Turkish economy — but I can break it. I already showed You an example of pastor Brunson.

I have been working hard to solve Your problem. Let us not fail the world. You can achieve a great deal. Kurdish General mazloum would like to negotiate with You — and he’s willing to compromise, which in the past You would never have achieved. I confidential I enclose a copy of his letter to me, which I just received.

You will go down in history in a favorable light if you do the right thing and humanely. But she will always remember You as the devil if things don’t go on a good script. Do not play the tough guy. Don’t be a fool! Will call You later.”

The authenticity of the letter is confirmed as the White house and Ankara. Erdogan read it and immediately threw it in the trash with the garbage. And then gave the order to start military operations in Syria. Trump, meanwhile, gave his order on the withdrawal from the region, all American servicemen.

What happened next, “FACTS” already reported in detail. First Turkish troops steadily moved forward. The Kurds accused them of the deaths of civilians. There were also reports that the Turks attacked the convoy in which they were foreign journalists and volunteers. Ankara denies it.

“The source of peace” has forced Kurdish leaders doubt the United States. The trump decision on the withdrawal of the U.S. military was seen as a betrayal by Washington. And the Kurds made a deal with Bashar al-Assad and Russia. Syrian troops immediately moved forward to meet the Turkish army and occupied the abandoned American objects. For this support from a former enemy, the Kurds agreed to the return of full control of Assad over the Northern territories of Syria. Meanwhile, Putin invited Erdogan to Moscow for talks.

All this in Washington has caused sharp criticism of the decision by trump to throw the Kurds. The U.S. Congress passed a resolution condemning the President’s actions. And it was voted not only the Democrats but also many Republicans.

After the vote, congressional leaders among the Democrats met with trump, which led to a new scandal. The speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi, the democratic majority leader in the House of representatives Steni Hoyer and the democratic leader in the U.S. Senate Chuck Schumer pointedly left the White house, interrupting a conversation with the President. This was followed by mutual accusations.

Pelosi, Hoyer and Schumer told reporters that trump was “a nervous breakdown”. The President shouted at the 79-year-old Nancy Pelosi, insulted her, called a “third-rate politician.”

Trump on Twitter responded immediately. The President wrote that the failure was “nervous Nancy”. However, sent Pence and Pompeo in Ankara.

And here is the result — the United States and Turkey have agreed that the “Source of peace” will be suspended for 120 hours, i.e. five days. During this time the Kurds will be able to leave the border with Turkey areas. And Erdogan will get his “safety zone”. To ensure the output of the Kurds need the us military.

If Ankara is convinced that the Kurds had left the territories, the military operation will be cancelled completely. And the United States, in turn, will cancel entered against Turkey sanctions.

Trump wrote on Twitter: “Great news! Thank You Erdogan. Millions of lives will be saved!”.

However, it is not clear how it will respond to “good news” the Kurds. Pence said that the negotiations with them has already begun. But the Kurds themselves while from comments abstain. Believe it or not they are once again the Americans or prefer to adhere to the terms of a transaction with Damascus and Moscow, who is the main issue.

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