Trump announced the development in the US ‘super-duper-missiles’

According to the President of the United States Donald trump, States create the latest hypersonic missile. This is the fastest missile in the world, almost three times faster than the Russian and Chinese, assured the President. About it writes DW.

Трамп объявил о разработке в США 'супер-пупер-ракеты'

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SSSHA develop a hypersonic missile, which will be the fastest in the world and will fly at a speed three times the speed of missiles of other powers, such as Russia and China. This was stated in Washington on Friday, may 15, President Donald trump at the presentation of the flag of the cosmic forces of the United States. The shell, which, according to trump, will soon go into service with the us army, he called a “super-duper-rocket” (“super dupermissile”).

He noted that Russia and China are working on missiles that five or six times faster than existing. “We’ve got 17 times faster and this project just got the green light… It’s the fastest missile in the world, almost three times faster than the Russian and Chinese,” assured trump.

The number of cosmic forces — $ 16 thousand people.

The U.S. Congress approved the creation of a space force 17 December 2019. They will be the sixth native of the armed forces, along with land, air and naval forces, as well as coast guard and marine corps. Their total number, according to the Pentagon, will be at the initial stage 16 thousand military and civilian personnel, the commander will be General Jay Raymond. The bill provides that one of the tasks of the new U.S. space forces — protection from aggression and conduct operations in space.

The Russian “avant-garde” is 20 times the speed of sound?

At the end of December 2019, the Russian armed forces have adopted a new hypersonic missile of the type “Avangard”, which, according to Moscow, flies at a speed 20 times the speed of sound. In these circumstances, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, “vanguard” invulnerable to air defense.




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