Trump asked the Americans to go to work to save the economy

Americans should get back to work to save the economy, despite the spread of coronavirus. This was stated on air of TV channel Fox News US President Donald trump, writes “RBC”.

Трамп попросил американцев выйти на работу для спасения экономики

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“We need to get back to work. The flu kills thousands of people. And while we’ve never been “turned off” because of this country. More people we lose in accidents. And we don’t ask car manufacturers to stop making machines”, — said the American leader.

According to him, people are dying from the virus, while even more people can lose if the country will be in a major recession or depression. Trump is convinced that the United States “was not created to remain without work”. He noted that people do not want to be locked in the house or in the apartment.

“Our citizens want to go back to work. They will distance themselves from each other and everything else. For the elderly will be watching with love and protection. We can combine the two things,” tweeted the head of the White house.

He added that the coronavirus may kill fewer people than large-scale economic recession or depression.

“The cure should not be worse than the problem. Congress must act now”, — quotes the President of the United States “Kommersant”.

Before trump announced the cancellation of the coronavirus restrictions. According to him, next week the United States government will make the decision on when to resume the work of enterprises in the conditions of an outbreak of a new coronavirus. The American leader has assured that soon America will be open for business. According to trump, it will happen much sooner than after three or four months.

Трамп попросил американцев выйти на работу для спасения экономики

Photo: screenshot of video

Donald trump said that he expects that the country will return to normal by Easter, that is April 12.

“We open up relatively soon, when the time will come <…> We should do it. I would like to open up the country for Easter. I would like to have the country opened up to Easter,” said he.

Last week the US government recommended its citizens to refrain from social contacts, work from home, order delivery food and not go out without the need for a period of 15 days.

According to the latest data by the American Johns Hopkins University and currently in the United States was more than 52 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus, died 677 people. The total number of victims has exceeded 18 thousand people.

According to the newspaper The New York Times, the restrictive measures led to the fact that 158 million Americans in 16 States, 9 counties and 3 cities remain in their homes. In addition, was almost completely discontinued operations of most businesses in the country.


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