Trump avenged Kayla Mueller: details of the operation to eliminate the leader of ISIS in Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (PHOTO)

Трамп отомстил за Кайлу Мюллер: подробности операции по ликвидации главаря ИГ* Абу Бакра аль-Багдади (ФОТО)

On October 26-27, during the operation of a special unit of the Delta around the village of Barish (Idlib province, Northwest Syria) were eliminated, the leader of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, authorities say the USA. American President Donald trump said that the person killed was confirmed by the results of the DNA examination.

NEWSru Israel reports some details of the operation with reference to the American media. The publication of Time magazine noted that the whereabouts of al-Baghdadi became known thanks to the information obtained from the wife of the assistant to the leader of the IG* and one who worked for him couriers captured in Western Iraq. Using this information, the CIA, which helped Iraqi and Kurdish colleagues, were able to establish the routes, which moved al-Baghdadi, and the place in which he found shelter.

The special operations command based at Tampa (Florida), studied different schemes of operations with the purpose of capture or destruction of al-Baghdadi. Several times the operation was cancelled at the last moment, after receiving new information about the movements of al-Baghdadi.

In the end, the President of the United States Donald trump gave his consent to the operation under the code name “Kayla Mueller” (in honor of the Americans who forcibly made the “wife” of al-Baghdadi, and then killed in 2015). The operation began at 17:00 (East coast time USA) Saturday, October 26, at midnight local time: from the airport to the Iraqi Erbil soared eight Apache helicopters and CH-47 Chinook. On Board these helicopters were the soldiers of the units of the Delta and at least one service dog. Meanwhile, the shelter of al-Baghdadi near the village of Barish were under constant surveillance by satellites and drones.

Reaching the goal, Apache helicopters and strike UAVs launched a series of airstrikes near Barish and continued firing, allowing a secure fit for transport helicopters CH-47 Chinook.

The complex of buildings, which was hiding al-Baghdadi with bodyguards and relatives, was surrounded. Were in people were asked to surrender. After the failure of Delta fighters blew up the wall. 11 people managed to get out of the building. Himself Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi with three children tried to escape through a tunnel, but was blocked in the end, he blew himself up together with the children, activating the detonator on the “suicide belt”.

During the operation, one of the American soldiers was not injured, but was injured a service dog, said trump. Based on the available information, the dog (Belgian Malinois) pursued al-Baghdadi in the tunnel. The Secretary of defense mark Esper said, was also slightly injured two soldiers, but hospitalization is not required.

In total, in the area of asylum al-Baghdadi fighters Delta was about two hours. Among other things, they took DNA samples of the deceased men, the examination confirmed that the killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Kayla Mueller

The leader of the group “Islamic state”* Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has transformed a captive American woman Kayla Jean Mueller in his sex slave and regularly raped her.

Mueller was captured by militants in Syria* in August 2013 in Aleppo. Later, the Islamists demanded a ransom for her in the amount of 5 million euros. In February 2015, the White house said that the American, who worked in Syria as a volunteer, was killed.

IG* said that the woman died during air strikes of the air forces of Jordan on militant positions near the town of raqqa in Northern Syria.

About regular rape Kayla told 14-year-old Yezidi who have lived together with Muller a few months in captivity and later escaped from the militants. The American was kept in the house of a financier of ISIS* the Abu Sayyaf, who was killed during a US RAID in may. The girl told that the American was considered the “wife” of al-Baghdadi. According to her, the leader of the IG* repeatedly made actions of sexual character in relation to Mueller. The girl also said that Mueller in captivity had been taught by Arab and other militants raped the rest of the hostages.

In 2016, the Ministry of justice of the United States charged with the murder of Kayla Jean Mueller spouse of one of earlier liquidated leaders of the terrorist group ISIS in Abu Sayyaf – 25-year-old citizen of Iraq Nisrin Assad Ibrahim Bahar, also known under the name Umm Sayyaf.

According to the investigation, her actions led to the death of the employee of humanitarian organisation in February 2015, when the militants took Mueller captive. Husband of the terrorists was Abu Sayyaf, which was close to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the IG*.