Trump cornered: the American media reacted to the scandal with bright covers (photos)

Трампа загнали в угол: американские СМИ отреагировали на скандал яркими обложками (фото)

Thursday, September 26, in the House of representatives of the U.S. Congress held hearings at which congressmen discussed in details the so-called “whistleblower complaint” — a memo which became the reason for declaring the beginning of procedure of impeachment of the 45th President of the USA of Donald trump. As already reported “FACTS”, is unknown (his name is carefully concealed) drew attention to the contents of the telephone conversation, which took place on 25 July 2019 between trump and the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. CIA (this is the only thing known about the whistleblower at the moment) considered it his duty to inform his superiors and the heads of the congressional committees that oversee U.S. intelligence that the President seems to be trying to use their position to derive personal political gain.

Congressmen “fried” the acting head of the N. I. USA

Thanks published under public pressure and congressional documents, we know that trump in conversation with Zelensky covertly insisted on renewal of investigation of hunter Biden is in the Ukrainian company Burisma. He needed dirt on Joe Biden, who intends to stand as a candidate in the presidential election in the United States in 2020. What Biden is regarded as the most serious rival trump.

It is known that the then administration of U.S. President ordered to classify any data about the telephone conversation. And only thanks to the vigilance of the inspector General of the intelligence services of the USA by Michael Atkinson the content of the conversation it became known to members of Congress. Atkinson wrote to the intelligence Committee two letters.

In the first he announced that on August 12 it was a complaint that seems to him worthy of attention. This was the memo of a whistleblower. (the full text of the complaint in Russian here). In the second letter, the inspector brought to the attention of the members of the Committee that the acting Director of national intelligence of the USA Joseph Maguire, trump appointed in mid-August, does not allow to refer the complaint to Congress contrary to the requirements of the law.

And on Thursday, September 26, McGuire appeared before the members of the committees of the house of representatives and the U.S. Senate. As expressed by the us media, congressmen “fried” the acting head of the N. I. USA. He had every possible way to evade unpleasant issues.

Here are just a few characteristic moments. The claims of the congressmen Maguire to lie in the fact that, having received the memo of a whistleblower, he first went to the White house. In other words, Maguire warned trump about the threat arose instead of having to transmit the available alarming information to Congress.

Maguire explained his actions by saying that the document came into his hands only on the fifth day of the appointment, and he really did not have time to understand the legal intricacies. As a naval officer, he decided to report directly to his commander, i.e., the President and commander-in-chief.

The Chairman of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives Democrat Adam Schiff with this interpretation did not agree. He called the incident “a classic example of organized crime.”

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Maguire agreed that the content of the complaint is of national importance. Then the questions poured in on him from all sides. “Did you discuss this document directly with Donald trump? asked Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney.

“I am the head of national intelligence. Talk to the President frequently and about many things, but my conversations with him are strictly confidential,” — replied evasively of Maguiar.

“You understand that we do not ask you about the content of your conversations with the President. We are not interested in the issues of N. I., or international policy work of the center of counter-terrorism. We just want to know, have you discussed with the President the question or not?” — interrupted Schiff.

Maguire continued to wrinkle. “You can say, “No, I had not discussed” if this is the answer to our question. It does not violate the conditions of confidentiality. Or you can say: “I discussed it with him, but I will not go into details of our conversation.” To this question you can answer, isn’t it?” — insisted Schiff.

But Maguiar still have not answered.

Then a member of the house of representatives vel Demings asked this question: “Director Maguire, you agree that Ukraine is very dependent on the United States. We help the country in different ways. Including — to protect themselves. Based on your many years of military experience and on what you are doing today, please comment on how important for Ukraine from the United States?”

Maguire said that to talk with the tramp was not in possession of detailed information on assistance to Ukraine. More on this he learned after the meeting with the President.

Demings his answer did not satisfy. She stated that the President and his aides have developed a scheme designed to force Ukraine to fulfill what she wants from her tramp. A sovereign state under this scheme turned into a dependent state. Congressman Maloney immediately reminded that trump has ordered to freeze military aid to Kiev in the amount of 391 million dollars.

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The only thing that while members of Congress made by Maguire, is his promise to protect from possible retaliation White house whistleblower and inspector General Atkinson.

At the end of the hearing Adam Schiff apologized to Ukraine on behalf of the United States and assured Ukrainian partners that the U.S. fully support their fight against Russia, the fight against corruption and the desire to build a democratic society. According to Schiff, trump his actions discredited the notion of democracy, but held the hearings is the best evidence that American democracy is alive.

Brought against trump’s accusations are more than serious

On Friday, September 27, leading us publications responded to the situation with the impeachment proceedings.

Time magazine portrayed trump on the cover of their latest issue cornered. The American President is standing with a brush in hand. Obviously he was painting the room and didn’t notice that was in the corner! To get out of there, not smeared with paint, it will not work.

Трампа загнали в угол: американские СМИ отреагировали на скандал яркими обложками (фото)

The publication stresses that the charges against trump’s accusations are more than serious. They can be compared with those that forced Richard Nixon to resign in August 1974. He did not wait for impeachment. But trump is configured differently. He will fight for the presidency. Time stressed that the impeachment procedure will be a test not only for the 45th President of the United States, but for the entire democratic system of the United States. Perhaps this story will serve as a good reason for making significant changes to the country’s Constitution.

The Economist agrees with this approach. Fresh issue of the newspaper came out with a cartoon on the cover depicting Donald trump and the Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s characters Tweedledum and Tweedledee from “Alice in Wonderland”. The article notes that two politicians, who have repeatedly stated publicly on mutual sympathy, go across to the democratic institutions of the United States and Britain. Trump does not want to resign because of a scandal over a telephone conversation with Zelensky. Johnson, who, as appears from the decisions of the Supreme court of the UK, exceeded their powers, sending a long vacation with the Parliament on the eve of Brexit and was misled by Queen Elizabeth II for his actions, also is not going to abandon the post of Prime Minister.

Трампа загнали в угол: американские СМИ отреагировали на скандал яркими обложками (фото)

Newsweek magazine placed on the cover collage, which Donald trump sits on the shoulders of the statue of Liberty away from her torch. The newspaper is sure that the President is ready to take the fight, imposed on him by the Democrats. The article quoted a longtime political adviser to trump Roger stone: “He is an absolute expert on counter — attacks. If you beat trump, he will strike back and hit hard. He does not like himself to start a fight, but if you put him there, he will fight. Always.”

Трампа загнали в угол: американские СМИ отреагировали на скандал яркими обложками (фото)

According to Newsweek, the White house will choose the next tactic. You need to convince Americans that Democrats are trying to turn the scandal around Joe Biden in the issue of trump. Therefore, all members of the President administration, told media that they will strongly emphasize that Biden and his son hunter profited from poor Ukraine, and then, Joe, using his position of Vice President of the United States, put pressure on Kiev and forced the Ukrainian authorities to change the public Prosecutor. And now Trump trying to attribute something that really did Biden.

Meanwhile, as reported “FACTS”, the US President said that the best proof of his innocence are the words of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. According to trump, Zelensky acknowledged that the American President had put pressure on him during the July telephone conversation.

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