Trump creates a new authority to broadcast ‘real news’ instead of ‘terrible’ by CNN and ‘voice of America’ c ‘Radio Freedom’ – they don’t (PHOTO)

Трамп создает новый орган вещания для 'настоящих новостей' взамен 'ужасного' CNN и 'Голоса Америки' c 'Радио Свобода' - они не справляются (ФОТО)

Radio station “Voice of America” and “Liberty/Free Europe”, financed from the US budget, according to President Donald trump, don’t do their job, so he offered to create a new media for broadcasting abroad, which would become an alternative news broadcaster CNN, the configured critical of the current occupant of the White house.

Trump, speaking to supporters in Florida, criticized CNN and proposed to create a “private broadcast network” to counter her “fake” news, “Before, we had a… “Radio Free Europe” and “Voice of America” and we did it to strengthen the position of our country. But now it’s not very good at it.”

“In my foreign travels, I meet (foreign) leaders, and they ask: “Why do they hate your country?”. CNN outside the United States is much more important than in the country. Much of what you see here is for the whole world”, – said the President.

“We need to create our own network to spread the real news, because they (CNN) are so terrible, – he added. They very badly affect our country.”

“We consider this …take really talented people, we’ll have a real, not a lying voice abroad,” said trump, who has repeatedly proposed to create an alternative television network CNN.

It is unclear why trump talked about the two news organizations in the past tense, the “Voice of America”.

Both radios operate in English and foreign languages, including Russian. By law they have no right to broadcast in the U.S., although the publication on the website free.

U.S. President twice gave an interview to “Voice of America” and the White house staff regularly provide comments of the organization for various materials, the newspaper notes.

“Voice of America has always been proud of and proud of their mission is to provide objective and reliable news and information to countries that do not have access to it and also tell about the Affairs of America abroad,” – said the Director of “voice of America” Amanda Bennett.

The official representative of the U.S. Agency for global media (USAGM), which is in charge of the “Voice of America” and “Radio Free Europe”, as well as three civilian broadcasting network, said: “All network USAGM support the Agency’s mission is to inform, involve and unite people around the world in support of freedom and democracy. Compliance with journalistic values – accuracy, fairness and balance – is fundamental to that mission.”

The Senate foreign relations Committee is currently examining claims of a trump candidacy for the presidency of USAGM. President 16 months ago, was nominated for the post of producer of the documentary movie by Michael peck, who previously headed the conservative California Institute Claremont, and also worked in the non-profit “Corporation for public broadcasting”. If his candidacy is approved by the full Senate, he will replace John Lansing, who was appointed by former President Barack Obama in 2015.

Speaking in the Senate on September 19, Peck assured that as head USAGM put on the improvement of efficiency and labor discipline, and the prevention of new ethical scandals that undermine the credibility of the organization.