Trump demanded that American companies to return manufacturing from China to USA (PHOTOS)


Трамп потребовал от американских компаний вернуть производство из Китая в США (ФОТО)

The American company must begin to find alternatives to manufacture their products in China, including a start back in the United States, wrote Friday in his Twitter the President of the United States Donald trump.
“Our country for many years foolishly lost trillions of dollars from China. They steal our intellectual property, the cost of which is estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars a year, and they want to continue to do so. I will not allow it! We don’t need China, and, frankly, we will be much better off without him”, – quotes the tweet of the head of the American administration, the Agency TASS.

“The situation in which China year after year and earns steals huge sums of money from the US needs to stop and it will stop. I order our wonderful American companies immediately begin to look for alternatives to China, including to transfer us back to our country and to produce products in the United States,” – said the American leader.

He also warned that within a few hours announce the introduction of additional customs duties on imported Chinese goods. “I’ll give response to the introduction of China duty today,” – said the President.

“I also ordered all of our carriers, including FedEx, Amazon, UPS and the Postal service to carry out inspections of all cargo to detect the presence of fentanyl from China or any other country and refuse the delivery. Fentanyl kills 100 thousand Americans a year. XI Chairman said that it would stop. She has not stopped,” said trump.
“Our economy is because of the success of the last two and a half years much more than the Chinese. We will keep this situation!” he added.